Pan Fried Red Snapper with Lemongrass Butter

I thought for a long time about this recipe. 

I came up with sauces, thinking about the flavours that would work with the delicate sweetness of red snapper without drowning it completely.

I thought of adding it to a curry, and all the fun I could have with spices. 

And then I thought: "nope."

Fish is often thought of as scary to cook. It cooks quickly, it easily turns to rubber if it's cooked too long, and sometimes we don't know the spices and herbs that go well with fish. But with a simple recipe, it's probably one of the simplest and most satisfying dinners you could cook yourself. It's healthy, too. 

So I decided to keep it simple and cook everything in one pan. There's butter, lemongrass, garlic and ginger. It all sizzles away in the pan, infusing the butter with its aromatic scent. No sauces, no boiling, no worrying, no fuss. 

I've used a red snapper fillet from Farmer's Choice, an online butcher that also specialises in fish. I love the sweet, almost exotic flavour of red snapper, it feels like such a treat. If you can get hold of it, go for it. This recipe is super easy. I hope you love it. 

Pan Fried Red Snapper with Lemongrass Butter
Serves 1
heaped tablespoon of salted butter (for AIP use coconut oil instead of butter)
1 lemongrass stalk
1 clove of garlic, with the skin still on
a thick slice of ginger
1 red snapper fillet

First, melt the butter in a pan large enough to hold the fish fillet. Keep the heat low. Rinse the lemongrass stalk and split it down the middle vertically, leaving it still in one piece. Add this to the pan, along with the garlic clove (don't peel it) and the slice of ginger (peel that around the edges if you like).

Leave to cook very gently for a minute or two, squishing down the lemongrass stalk every now and again to help it release more of its flavour. 

Add the red snapper fillet, skin side down and leave to sizzle for about 3-4 minutes, so the skin turns golden. Turn over and fry on the other side for another 1-2 minutes, until the fish is cooked through. The butter will be infused with the scent of the aromatic ingredients and this will delicately flavour the fish as it cooks. 

Check the fish is thoroughly cooked (the flesh will turn white and flaky, cut into it to check) and then serve straight away. A green salad or some freshly steamed greens would sit alongside this fish beautifully, as well as a pile of your favourite mash. 

This post was supported by Farmer's Choice. I received the fish and a contribution towards the cost of the ingredients to make this recipe.