Healthy Paleo Black Forest Smoothie (Cherries and Cacao)

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It's a good job that cacao is a superfood. Because it's one way I can get my chocolate fix, you know, while still being really healthy. 

This smoothie came to my mind when I started to reminisce about all the foods I ate as a child. And boy, did my family have a thing for Black Forest Gateaux. 

Well, it was the 1980s. 

They were always the frozen versions bought in a little box from the supermarket, and I remember Mum would ease the delicately iced frozen block from its plastic case and leave it on a plate to defrost, in time for Sunday pudding. 

Now I try to eat a diet full of unprocessed, real foods, I found a legit way to go giddy over the taste of one of those Black Forest Gateaux. Make a smoothie. And then you can totally enjoy it for breakfast, too. Win. 

Sweet, frozen black cherries for their colour and flavour. Cacao for its rich, heady chocolate-like scent. A splash of coconut milk for creaminess. And a banana to add texture. I love it. I went ahead and grated it with dark chocolate, too and topped with a couple more frozen cherries because they melt and soften in the smoothie. Love it. 

Healthy Paleo Black Forest Smoothie (Cherries and Cacao)
Serves 1

big handful frozen sweet dark cherries, plus a couple for the topping
1 small banana, peeled
1 tablespoon cacao powder
splash of coconut milk
splash of cold, filtered water
grated dark chocolate (optional)

Place all the ingredients in the jug of a blender or blend in a jug with a stick blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and add the extra frozen cherries and sprinkle with the grated chocolate. Drink cold. 

See me making this on my You Tube Channel - just search for joromerofood and subscribe for all the new videos - I'll be posting every week from now on. 

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