I Try Bulletproof Coffee For The First Time And Tell You What I Think

So. I've heard a lot about Bullet Proof Coffee. 

It's basically a good old cup of black coffee with a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil blended into it. By blending, rather than stirring it in, you break up all the fat particles and they're emulsified into the coffee, making a smooth, rich and creamy cup of coffee - without a drop of milk or cream in sight. 

So what's the big deal? 

Well, drinkers of the coffee, which was developed by Dave Asprey, say that a cup of this every morning - usually instead of food for breakfast - will keep you alert and functioning at your best, as well as helping you to burn fat and lose weight. Butter in coffee? Yep. 

I'd seen lots of photos on Instagram of people standing proudly with their frothy Bulletproof Coffees at 6am, and heard a lot about it in Primal and Paleo groups. But what was it like? Surely, adding butter and coconut oil to coffee would be gross? Well, I decided to try it to find out. 

I blended up the black coffee, coconut oil and butter (salted, Kerrygold), poured it into a mug, and gingerly took my first sip. 


It didn't even taste too much like coconut. Or butter. It had the texture and flavour of the richest, frothiest cappuccino you'll ever taste. I didn't add honey - it didn't need it. It was indulgent, and although I had only planned to taste a little bit, I couldn't stop sipping. It also, unexpectedly, filled me up. My tummy was rumbling when I drank, but it stopped half way through my cup and I didn't get hungry again for a couple of hours. 

Now, I don't do well with coffee. It's something I could drink probably once or twice a month, but that's it. But even if I could drink this stuff every day, as gorgeous as it is, I wouldn't. And here's why. 

For breakfast, I normally stir-fry 2-3 handfuls of green, leafy veggies with a handful of leftover meat in a frying pan in a little coconut oil or avocado oil. I'll have a banana, or a couple of kiwi fruits and a cup of tea or just plain water. I might add in an egg or two. 

In that little breakfast, I'm getting folate from the veggies and B-vitamins and choline from the eggs. There's vitamin C from the kiwis and potassium from the banana. I'm also getting protein and, depending on what meat I'm using from the night before, varying amounts of iron. There are healthy fats in there too, from the oil. Generally, it's a pretty good start to the day, and means that by 7am I'm already well into my 'five-a-day'.

If I was to have the coffee, I'm getting good, healthy fats and a rush of caffeine to rev me up and get me to work. I was full and felt satisfied - but that was down to the fats. 

See what I'm saying here? 

I can't see me giving up my regular breakfast for a cup of this stuff. There are plenty of people that do it, and claim that it gives you huge benefits with regard to weight loss and energy. But I can't fast. I've tried it and it brings on migraines. My regular breakfast is about as nutrient dense and varied as it gets. Yes, I have to get up earlier and chop, cook and sit down to eat my breakfast. But to me, my body benefits a lot more from all the nutrients it gets from a balanced, satisfying meal than it does from a hot cup of water, coffee and fats. 

If fasting or legitimately missing breakfast works for you (it doesn't work for me, I'm just hungry all the time and miserable) and you've tried one of these coffees to keep you going and you're good with that, then that's great. It's delicious. And since I've tried it, I've been thinking about it all day, and craving it like mad. But personally, I'll be sticking to my meat, egg and veggies, because I feel that's what fuels my body best, for me.  

What do you think? Do you drink Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast, with or without food? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below.