National Cream Tea Day: Strawberry White Tea and Lemon Cheesecake Squares

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Today it's National Cream Tea Day

Don't get me wrong, a lovely traditional cream tea - fruit scones, glossy raspberry jam and thick clotted cream - used to be one of my favourite guilty pleasures on a day out. 

Now, I settle without the cream. Or the scones, actually. Which just leaves the jam. And I don't want to be spooning that out of the jar, do I? 

When I heard about Higher Living's brand of white tea with strawberry, I was quite keen to try it. It's subtle and light, as you'd expect from white tea, but there is a sweet strawberry flavour that hits you after every sip. It's actually quite addictive. I haven't been able to drink anything else since I opened the box. Each tea bag is also wrapped individually so it's good for taking on days out or to work, too. 

But you can't just have a cup of tea on National Cream Tea day and nothing to go with it, can you? 

So I made these lovely Zesty Lemon and Coconut Cheesecake Bites. They're autoimmune-protocol compliant. 

And seriously awesome. 

They actually taste a little bit cheesecakey - but there's no cheese - not even any dairy. And they have a lovely lemon tang. I really love them. Find the recipe here

Happy National Cream Tea Day. Whatever you're eating and drinking. 

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