Mackerel with Garlic and Bay Leaves

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I don't eat enough oily fish. I know, I should be eating more of it. 

So I had a look in a brilliant cookbook, The River Cottage Fish Book by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Nick Fisher, which is where I turn to find out how to cook a certain fish and for tasty recipes. And in there, was a recipe for mackerel pan-fried with garlic and bay leaves. 

Sounded simple enough. 

The recipe is really easy - I used frozen mackerel fillets, which have already been de-boned and have the skin left on, to protect the fish while it's frying in the pan. Even frozen, they took just about 10 minutes to cook. 

And mackerel has quite a strong flavour and a meaty texture so it can stand up to whole garlic cloves frying alongside it, and the bay leaves just give it a sweet, aromatic touch. It was probably one of the simplest dinners I've ever cooked, but was also the most satisfying. And I thought I had better share it with you, so that you can give it a try. 

I didn't deviate much from the original recipe, so it makes sense to just tell you that you can find it here. However I did use mild coconut oil for frying the mackerel (it's the coconut oil that doesn't have a coconut flavour - it's flavourless and some people that can't handle coconut oil so well find they can tolerate this better). Or for it to be totally coconut free you can use avocado oil or whatever oil you usually use for frying, instead. 

The instructions also say to leave the garlic and bay behind in the pan - I lifted out the bay and didn't serve it but I did eat the softened garlic cloves along with the mackerel. You leave the skins on to help keep the cloves from burning in the pan. 

Hope you love it - another way to get those beautiful omega 3s into your diet. 

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