The New Paleo Cajun Lady eCookbook

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Do you know Tara, from the Paleo Cajun Lady blog? Well, as you might have heard, she's just released a new ebook, full of her favourite AIP-compliant recipes. 

There are more than 60 recipes in the book - all of them AIP compliant, and there's also advice on batch cooking, freezing and handy links for shopping, too. 

I cooked some of the recipes from the book over the course of a week and I can tell you this:

  • This is a fantastic tool to have if you're looking for different recipes and more general food inspiration on the autoimmune protocol. All the recipes are dairy, nut, egg, soy, grain, nightshade and gluten-free. So they're good if you suffer from food allergies with any of these ingredients, too. 

  • Tara's roast duck recipe is REALLY easy to cook and was probably the best roast duck I've ever made. It got lots of compliments, but it only took me a couple of minutes' actual work. Fab stuff.

  • The instructions are all clear and simple to follow, and each recipe has a photo alongside. 

  • You NEED to make the ice cream - cinnamon and maple ice cream to be exact - with those baked apples. It's gorgeous. And the reason I now always keep a mug of coconut milk in the fridge and a handful of bananas in the freezer. Honestly, it's good. 
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  • Oh, and there's some veggie noodles in a leek and artichoke creamy sauce. I loved that. Tara says to make the noodles with squash and courgette/zucchini but I made it with courgettes and carrots. It was lovely. And so good to be able to enjoy a kind of 'pasta sauce' on AIP. 

Want to find out more? Course you do.  

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