Mickey Trescott Has An Answer To Your AIP Batch Cooking Needs And It's Awesome

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So... I'm a little bit late to the party with this one, but OH MY GOODNESS look at this.

Mickey Trescott, blogger at Autoimmune Paleo, and author of the Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook has put together something that's so useful for anyone on AIP, whether you've just started or if you've been doing it ages. She's set up AIP Batch Cook, which is a programme designed to take some of the stress (and much of the Googling - trust me, I've been there) out of batch cooking on the autoimmune protocol. 

Each session of AIP Batch Cook includes a programme guide, a one-week meal plan for breakfast lunch and dinner (obviously all AIP-compliant), two instructional videos, shopping lists, chop lists and tool lists - for everything you need to prepare before you start cooking - and also video tutorials on how to make bone broth, render your own cooking fat and making kombucha. You also get digital versions of every recipe that you cook to keep and refer to later, so you can do it all over again. 

In the videos, you cook with Mickey in real time, so it's like having her there in the kitchen with you. 

But why is batch cooking important, I hear you ask. 

The thing is, because of all the cooking from scratch you do on the paleo or autoimmune protocol diets, to keep some of your sanity and get yourself out of the kitchen once in a while it's a good idea to prepare a lot of the foods you're going to be making in the week, in advance. Some weeks I skip this, and I really do see the difference - just the few minutes every meal that you don't need to spend chopping and can just reheat something you already made, or even just throwing some ready-prepped veg into a pan makes a big difference to your time in the week. 

More good news? Membership to Mickey's AIP Batch Cook programme is on a special launch sale until 8th May (it will go up to full price on the 9th). 

Do go check it out.