Dairy-Free Chocs - With Probiotics In Them: Coco Mylk Buttons From Ombar

Chocolate is getting more and more clever, isn't it? 

There's choccy made from raw cacao so that it's secretly good for you. 

And then there's the dairy-free stuff. 

And now there exists a chocolate that is good for you, dairy-free and also contains PROBIOTICS. 

I know. 


When the people at Ombar told me that they'd developed this chocolate, I'll admit - my first reaction is that it probably wouldn't taste that nice. Or, as it was dairy-free it might be loaded with soya proteins. But it was actually delicious - quite soft and easily melted (my six-year old couldn't hold one in her fingertips for too long) but it had a flavour somewhere between dark chocolate and milk chocolate. It wasn't sweet and really creamy like milk chocolate - it had a slight bitterness but not as crumbly as plain chocolate. It was good. 

Added to this, the chocolate is sweetened with coconut sugar rather than refined sugar - I mix that into my brownies all the time, and it gives a lovely deep toffee-flavour to recipes. And tea. I love it in a cup of Chai tea. 

For those of you who want to know the ingredients, here they are:

All natural ingredients. Good stuff, right? 

I think these little chocolate buttons are a good thing for a treat if you need to avoid dairy or you want to up your probiotics - my children really liked them. And then I told them they had coconut in them. They HATE coconut. "I still like them," said my six-year old, shoving another chocolate button into her mouth. 

Well, that's good then.

For more information, go take a look at the Ombar website, which also has a shop where you can place your order.