All For The Love of AIP Breads and Wraps: A Roundup

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Because sometimes you really want to be able to wrap up some protein and veggies in something other than a lettuce leaf. Or you crave the chewy, doughy texture of bread - but you can't eat 'regular' bread on the autoimmune protocol. 

Here's a roundup of some of the coolest AIP-compliant bread recipes that might just make your packed lunches that little bit easier...

Sweet Potato Lefse

This version of the Scandinavian Lefse was created by Laura, from Sweet Treats. She says it's traditional to spread it with butter and sugar but this AIP version is actually quite sweet, so doesn't need it. 

Sweet Potato Pita Bread

This sweet potato pita bread, from Gabriella at Beyond The Bite, makes a great side dish, she says, to chicken soup, roasted garlic dip, and, well, anything actually. Check out the recipe on her website. 

Plantain Taco Shells

Another one from Beyond The Bite - and check out these taco shells! I am soooo ready for these.... Gabriella filled hers with tuna and salad but I reckon they'd be super with some pulled pork and guac, too.

AIP Chapati

Sometimes, when you've got a saucy, aromatic curry, you just want something to dip it into. Like chapati. And there's great news - because Bethany at Adventures in Partaking has blogged a recipe. It serves one, so it's great for whipping up just for yourself as and when you need it. 

AIP Bacon-Herb Biscuits

Don't these look delicious? I take one look at these bacon herb biscuits and I'm hungry. They were created by Alaena of Grazed and Enthused. And the bonus is that you've probably got most (or all) of the ingredients to make them in your kitchen. Pinning these to make myself. They look gorgeous.

Plantain Tortillas

Another lovely recipe - this time plantain tortillas. There are just a few ingredients, too. Perfect with just about anything but Stephanie from the blog Fresh Tart reckons she's making fish tacos with them. Save me one (or two), Stephanie? *bats eyelashes* There's another recipe for plantain wraps on Simple and Merry, with extra tips and step by step pics. Go check it out. 

Green Flatbread

If you're after getting extra greens (and therefore nutrients) INTO your breads - and of course you are - here's a great recipe from Petra8Paleo for green flatbread. As well as being AIP-compliant, it's FODMAP friendly, too. 

AIP Pita Bread

You'll need sweet potato flour to make this pita recipe, from Alaena at Grazed and Enthused. She suggests eating it with AIP hummus, olive tapenade and salad or as a wrap for chicken salad. Oh, and she's teasing us about a possible breakfast wrap, too. Check out her blog for more details.

Sweet Garlic Biscuits

Yep. Love the look of these sweet garlic biscuits from Gabriella from Beyond The Bite. And don't worry if you haven't yet reintroduced butter, because Bre'anna from He Won't Know It's Paleo has invented an AIP, dairy free butter substitute. Cool, right? 

Still need AIP breads inspiration? Eileen from Phoenix Helix has a Pinterest board that's well stocked with AIP bread and wrap recipes. Go check it out. 

Have you seen the recipe ebook by Laura Vein, called AIP and Paleo Holiday Sweet Treats? There's a gorgeous cranberry cake recipe in there - you'll find it a handy resource for AIP baking. 

Some products that might be useful for your AIP bread-making projects:

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite recipes for AIP compliant wraps and breads?