A Look Back At 2014: Healing, Stargazing and Getting Into Offal...

So. Here we are, at the end of another year. I thought it would be a good idea to recap over the last twelve months. If you've been a regular reader of the blog, or followed me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you might remember some of these... 

I Became An Author

A proper author!! *excited face* This was the year I published four of my own books - two on the food of Argentina and two on the Autoimmune Protocol diet and lifestyle. You can have a read about them (and maybe download one of them if you want *flutters eyelashes*) over here.  I have an idea for a fifth book (related to the paleo diet and AIP), so watch this space. I've collaborated with other AIP bloggers in the upcoming ebook 85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts (coming out on 1st January) and I also have some cool book and blogging partnerships coming up in early January 2015. Exciting times! Definitely watch this space. 

I Discovered Chicken Breasts Are Delicious With Sweet Potatoes and Avocado

Nigella Lawson casually tweeted her supper. I liked the look of it. I made it and fell in love. It's GORGEOUS. And I eat it about once a week. Get the recipe here

I Got Into Offal. In a BIG Way. 

Before Christmas last year, I ate the odd bit of liver and thought I was being a bit of a crusader against the 'choice cuts' supermarket culture of meat eating - people only buying chicken breasts, drumsticks, lamb chops and steaks. No, I liked to flash fry a dark, slippery chunk of lamb's liver and eat it for my dinner. Well this year I started eating more offal and wobbly bits of meat. Steak and kidney stew, lamb's hearts, ribs, more liver... There'll be more of this next year, as I cook more adventurously with different organ meats, which are good for you and also promote a more ethical way of eating meat - by using the whole animal. 

My Psoriasis Suddenly Got WAY Better

The good news: eighteen months on the AIP diet and lifestyle and my psoriasis has almost gone. The not so good news: I caved in and ate a few mince pies over Christmas this month with family and it partially came back. But that's the motivation I need to get back on track and get better. And it's not only my psoriasis that's improved, but my anxiety levels, mood (it no longer swings), my general appearance - skin, hair and nails - and my energy levels are huge! 

I Finally Got the Hang of Instagram

Instagram was one of those things that I had signed up for in the early days of blogging but neglected. Now, I'm on it throughout the day, posting pictures of my breakfast, woodland walks, lunch, the moon, dinner and the odd cup of tea. I've managed to connect with so many like-minded people and found it to be a huge inspiration. I was priviliged to take over the Autoimmune Paleo Instagram account for a week, too, sharing all my AIP compliant meals with you all. On Instagram? Connect with me @joromerofood

I Did Some More Online Courses

I love learning. And one of the ways I manage my stress is to learn more about the things I really enjoy and am interested in. This year I completed my Diploma in Yoga, a course on Philosophy, one on Radio Astronomy, another on Ancient Greek Mythology, two on Shakespeare and the play Hamlet and one on the Moons in our Solar System. I also completed a course on Child Nutrition and another on the Gut Microbiome. All fascinating stuff. Free courses are all over the internet - the websites I love the most are Coursera, Futurelearn and Open2Study

And it doesn't look like 2015 is slowing down, either. Lots of projects planned, lots of ideas and lots of recipes I want to cook and share with you all. I want to wish you all a healthy and really happy end to 2014 and a fantastic start to 2015. 

*clinks glass*