Crispy Chicken with Sweet Potatoes, Avocado and Rocket

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So Nigella Lawson casually took a photo of her dinner and uploaded it to Twitter, and changed my life FOREVER (dramatic, but true).

Now. Chicken, sweet potato and avocado isn't anything new or radical, but up until I saw that photo, I'd never thought of all those flavours on a plate, at the same time. Sounds ridiculous now, but there you go. 

Crisp-skinned, really succulent roasted chicken with soft, caramelly sweet potato and then cool avocado. And then there's the peppery rocket (I've used watercress too - it's also gorgeous with it) and the rich extra virgin olive oil poured all over the top. I think I read in an interview that Nigella mentioned a chicken and sweet potato dinner she made in LA that had lime in it. Not sure if this is the same one but next time I can tell you that lime juice - and probably freshly-chopped coriander leaves - will be ALL OVER this. 

Crispy Chicken with Sweet Potatoes, Avocado and Rocket
Serves 2
2 free-range chicken breasts, skin-on
good pinch of sea salt
2 small sweet potatoes
2 big handfuls of rocket leaves
1 avocado, peeled and the stone removed, flesh chopped roughly
extra virgin olive oil

Preheat your oven to 200ºC/gas mark 6/400ºF. Get out an ovenproof tray and line it with a little foil. This helps stop the sweet potato sticking. Pierce the sweet potatoes all over with a sharp knife and place on the tray. Bake for 15 minutes. 

Once the 15 minutes are up, arrange the two chicken breasts next to the potatoes and sprinkle a little salt over the skin. Slide the whole lot back into the oven and bake for a further 25-30 minutes. Your sweet potatoes should be soft and crisp-skinned, and the chicken should be cooked through and golden. 

Take them out of the oven and arrange on a plate with the rocket leaves, avocado and a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil over the whole lot. 

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