Chunky Tapenade

Something has been bugging me for a little while. 

For a few months now, I've had a feeling there was a really obvious recipe that I'd been missing, that was naturally dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free and suitable for the paleo and autoimmune protocol diets. 

And when I picked up a tin of black olives in the shop, it suddenly dawned on me what it was. Tapenade. 

Tapenade is a mixture of olives, capers and some other bits and pieces, and you can serve it at parties, on crackers (or slices of cucumber) - or mix it up in a salad (it's awesome with tuna). You can also pile it up on your burgers, if you like for added umami flavour. It's supposed to originate from the south of France, and chances are, if you buy it in the shops, it'll be smooth and purée-like. Well, I like mine chunky. 

You could add a little bit of raw, grated garlic into the tapenade if you like, or chop up a spring onion and toss it in, but I wanted to keep this FODMAP-friendly, too, so didn't include it here. I actually prefer making this chunky tapenade than the smooth, food-processor version because a) you only need to wash up a board and a knife afterwards and b) you get a lot more 'hands on' with the ingredients. The sweet, aniseed flavour of the basil rises up from the board with salty, briny olives, anchovies, capers and citrussy parsley. Chopping that lot equals food therapy, that does.

Chunky Tapenade
Serves 1-2 or more if spooned onto crackers as a starter or party nibble
12 black olives, pitted
7 capers
juice of half a lemon
1 tbsp parsley, chopped
1 tbsp basil, chopped
2 anchovy fillets, from a tin
2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

With a sharp knife, chop up all the ingredients and stir together in a bowl, adding enough olive oil to bind the mixture and create a salsa-texture. Spoon onto crackers or cucumber slices - or scatter into your favourite salad.