Persian Cress, Strawberry, Chicken and Bacon Salad

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Steve's Leaves have a new salad out that's a mixture of salad leaves, rocket and chives... and Persian Cress. 

That's it, there - that little frilly, dainty-looking leaf at the front of the plate. It's quite delicate-looking but has a fragrant, peppery flavour. Steve's Leaves sent me some to have a play with - and by far the best thing I did with it was this: 

strawberry bacon chicken persian watercress salad 

The strawberries are in there because their sweetness pairs so well with peppery flavours - and I've added the bacon for saltiness and crunch. The chicken adds protein and balances those flavours out - and I've drizzled it with a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Easy peasy. 

Persian Cress, Strawberry, Chicken and Bacon Salad
From my ebook AIP and Paleo Snacks and Quick Lunches
Serves 1

Grab a couple of big handfuls of the Persian Cress salad and arrange on a plate. Grill or dry-fry 2 rashers of smoked, streaky bacon and chop into bite-sized pieces. Bash a chicken breast, covered with cling film, with a rolling pin until it's a uniform thickness. Heat a griddle and cook the chicken in a little coconut oil until cooked through. Allow to rest before slicing into strips. 

Next, wash 3-4 large strawberries and cut the green tops off. Cut them into wedges. 

To assemble the salad, arrange the chicken and bacon over the top of the leaves and tuck in the strawberries. Drizzle with olive oil and give it a pinch of salt. Some chopped avocado would be good here, too. 

Note: If you can't get hold of Persian Watercress, use regular watercress instead, with a mixture of other leaves - snipped chives, rocket and raw spinach all all good.

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