How to Make Whipped Coconut Cream (Dairy-Free, Auto Immune Protocol,Paleo)

If you're on a special diet, and you can't eat dairy, you'll be pleased to know that coconut cream whips up very nicely into a fluffy, cold cloud of deliciousness that you can eat alongside fruits, pies and cakes.        

And it's easy to do. Let me show you how. 

whipped coconut cream

First, put your unopened carton of coconut cream (not 'creamed coconut', that's something different and usually contains grainy bits) into the fridge and leave there overnight. Don't shake it, don't move it about too much, don't play 'catch' with it, just put it in the fridge. 

When you're ready to eat the next day, snip open the carton and tip upside down over a bowl, squeezing gently. You might find a little liquid trickles out - catch this and then drain it away. Squeeze the carton and the thick coconut cream should pour out slowly. Give it a brief whip with a fork, to fluff it up - it should be stiff, just like whipped double cream, but with that lovely coconut flavour and sweetness. Serve spoonfuls alongside your favourite desserts. 

How would you use whipped coconut cream in a recipe? I like mine with my Bramley 'apple pie' Pudding