Raspberry and Chia Smoothie Milkshake

Is it a smoothie or a milkshake? I can't really decide, so I've named it both. 

raspberry chia milk smoothie

I've recently been dabbling with adding chia seeds to my smoothies - they're expensive but the pack will last you ages - and they're full of protein and other good things like omega-3s and fibre. The only thing to remember is that once you add them to liquid they swell up and the outside goes jelly-like (chia seeds can be soaked in water and then used as a substitute for egg whites for exactly this reason). You don't notice this in the smoothie, by the way.

This 'smoothie milkshake' gives you that protein fix from the milk and the chia seeds, along with a boost of Omega-3s, while the natural yoghurt tops up your tum with those 'friendly' bacteria. The raspberries give flavour, colour and of course digestion-friendly insoluble fibre. 

Feel free to use almond milk instead of cow's milk, to make this smoothie vegan, elimination and paleo diet-friendly, if you want to... 

I hope you like it!

Raspberry and Chia Smoothie Milkshake
Makes 1
200ml semi-skimmed milk (or almond milk, if you prefer)
half a frozen banana (no skin)
a handful of frozen raspberries
1 tbsp plain, natural yoghurt
maple syrup, to taste (start with about half a teaspoon and see how you go)
2 pinches (about a quarter of a teaspoon) of Chia Seeds

In a jug, blend together the milk, banana, raspberries and yoghurt until smooth. Trickle in the maple syrup and add a pinch of the chia seeds. Blitz again. Serve, with a small pinch of chia seeds sprinkled on top of the smoothie. Drink straight away.


  1. I am not sure whether it is a smoothie or a milkshake either, but it sounds great. Thank you so much for sharing.


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