Quick Argentinian Pizza Provencale

Just to let you know, this post was written before I started the paleo diet to help ease my psoriasis. Nowadays I eat a more allergy-friendly diet, but leave these older, non-paleo posts up in case they are useful to readers, as I know not everyone eats the same as I do. Thanks for your understanding. 

Of all the things I learned to cook in Argentina, this was the one that I loved the most. When relatives came to visit, we would pile around the dining table and tuck into a stack of these, either bought from the pizza place around the corner or made fresh, in the oven. People would bring a stack of pizza bases they'd made and my sister-in-law would smear them with tomato sauce, top them with cheese and herbs and cook them, handing them out once they were golden. 

pizza provencale side

Argentinians give the name 'provencale' to pretty much anything tossed in garlic and parsley. And this pizza is a sort of a cross between a Margarita and garlic bread. If you like your pizzas garlicky, you'll love this. 

Use a traditional pizza base if you like, but this version is quicker and cooks in about 10 minutes using flatbread. Just one bite of this and I'm back sitting around that dining table in Buenos Aires. Enjoy.

Argentinian-Style Pizza Provencale 
Serves 2.

Take a supermarket 240g flatbread (one with garlic and herbs is fine, or buy a plain one) and smear with 1-2 tsp of your favourite tomato sauce. Sprinkle with about 60g grated or chopped mozzarella and then top with slices of tomato. Scatter over a chopped garlic clove and some parsley and bake in a 200ÂșC oven for about 10-15 minutes, or until the cheese has melted and the pizza is bubbling and cooked throughout. 

pizza provencale cut