Review of Thrive CBD Oil

I received a bottle of Thrive's CBD oil to try, for the purposes of this review. However all opinions are my own. 

There's a new brand of CBD coming to your virtual shopping baskets. It's called Thrive - and I was excited to try it and learn more about the brand to find out what's different about it. 

So what's different? 

The first thing I noticed was that it comes in a small matte purple bottle. Even the cardboard box I eased it out of had a silky, upmarket feel - as if it could contain an expensive skin cream or even perfume. A few violet-coloured, branded information cards were tucked into the box it was all delivered in. Thrive has definitely spent a lot of time on their marketing, getting the colours just right - a calming soft violet. Just opening the box feels special, like you're opening a present. 

And then you get why. 

Unlike the marketing of many other CBD oil brands, which seem to focus on sports performance or nutrition, Thrive pushes the whole idea of YOU. Taking time out. Calming and slowing down, and focusing on what you need, mentally. Along with an information card there was a card in the box with a list of things to do just for yourself, and also a checklist that you can put on your fridge and tick off the good habits you've committed to every day. You know, like taking your CBD oil and having a hot shower. A quiet cup of tea. Those kinds of things. 

The product itself contains the same ingredients - CBD (hemp extract), MCT oil and flavour extracts - as other brands I've seen. So as well as the personal wellness/'me time' idea being something new, Thrive have a brand new flavour that I've never seen before in CBD-world: Blood Orange. And oh my gosh it's good. Drop the liquid under your tongue and you immediately get a burst of orange but less refreshing or zesty than you'd expect and a lot more chocolate orange. I've been used to standard flavours like lemon and peppermint up until now and this was a refreshing change for me. Thrive also make a peppermint flavour, if you're interested in that. 

As for the CBD, again, it's THC free so won't get you high (thanks to a patented cold ethanol extraction process), comes in 500mg strength and their cannabis is organically grown without any harsh pesticides and the oil is lab tested. Pretty standard. The matte coating on the bottle is not only for prettiness - although we're warned on the box not to leave our oil out in sunlight, I imagine this goes some way in protecting the oil inside from inadvertent sunlight exposure. 

So, Thrive. 

It's downright delicious, they have lots of tips on looking after yourself spiritually and mentally and it comes in a pretty bottle. The CBD oil inside is great quality, THC, organic and lab tested to all the right laws. I guess it's quite similar to a lot of other brands on the market, but does appeal to those of us who will want to slow down and snuggle up with a good book once in a while. Top marks for such appealing and clever marketing - lots of wellness tips over on their Instagram too - and for developing a brand new flavour that I'm sure will appeal to many people. 

Find out more over at the Thrive CBD Oil Website.