5 London Vegan Restaurants To Put On Your List

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Vegan food is anti-inflammatory, colourful and good for you. 

But why eat vegan? Vegan food makes a great choice, even if you're not eating completely plant based. It's pretty veggie-rich, low in fat and could help you (whether you opt for full vegan or just add more plant-based foods to your diet) lose weight, improve your heart health and even live longer, according to this article by Harvard University. If it's the environment that's your main concern, a study at The University of Oxford estimated that a vegan diet could reduce our food emissions by 73%, depending on location. 

Whether you opt for a vegan meal a few times a week for lunch, or you're fully committed, it's good to have a varied diet and more veggies. And less emissions has to be a good thing. I often opt for vegan when I go out because these are the meals that are bursting with veggies, even though I'm a dedicated omni. 

Here are five restaurants in London to add to your lunchtime list for a good food boost. 

Photo by Creatv Eight on Unsplash

1. Wagamama (various locations including Camden, Borough Market, Spitalfields)
In a newly revamped menu, Wagamama have introduced a number of vegan options. There's the Yasai Pad Thai, bursting with zesty flavours of coriander, lime and chilli - or a number of Katsu dishes, with breaded seitan as the base with the signature spicy sauce on a mound of fluffy white rice. They've got you covered with desserts too, with Banana Katsu and Chocolate Orange Cake, which are both listed as vegan. Check out their vegan ice cream and sorbets too - in flavours such as Miso Caramel and Coconut Reika. The relaxed, busy, open-dining atmosphere at Wagamama also adds a casual, social feel so you can pop in, find a seat and get your meals sent to your table as they're cooked. 

A quick scroll of the About section of the Wild Food Café website and you'll notice that the owners are majorly into health and wellbeing, including raw food, yoga and even astrology. It's no surprise then, that the tagline to their menu is 'Plant Based Restaurant and Wellbeing Oasis'. For brunch, sip brunch cocktails and tuck into avocado toast with all the toppings. For dinner, the 'Dillicious Carbonara' with a cashew cream sauce sounds intriguing as does the Braised Shallot and Radicchio Pizza, topped with hazelnuts. 

3. Haché (various locations, including Clapham, Chelsea and Holborn)
Haché have lots of exciting items on their menu, including nibbles, cocktails and salads - but they have a wide choice of vegan burgers as well, with incredible flavour combinations. Take the This Isn't Canadien burger with a vegan patty, vegan bacon, Violife Cheddar, mustard mayo, tomato, rocket and red onion. Or try a vegan burger with grilled aubergine, smoky semi-dried tomatoes and zucchini with vegan cheese. Looking for more vegan burgers in London?  Click here to find more of the best vegan restaurants to visit, with a section with more vegan burgers and fast food options. 

4. Brigit's Bakery (Covent Garden) Is there anything more exciting and decadent than a cream tea on board a London Bus Tour? Probably not. And you can enjoy a vegan cream tea onboard on of Brigit's Bakery tours or at their café in Covent Garden. Their highly rated vegan cream tea was launched in 2018, and includes items such as beetroot and cucumber sandwiches, vegan quiche and verrine. There are vegan cakes, mousses and scones.

5. The Diner (various locations, including Camden, Spitalfields, Soho, Shoreditch)
The Diner isn't exclusively vegan, and has a lot of meaty offerings on its menu. But if you're looking for vegan comfort food, this is a good place to start. Their menu features a vegan burger, vegan Mac and Cheese and vegan cheesy fries. There's also vegan slaw and onion rings. A good place to take your omni friends with you, so you can both order from the same menu - but by the looks of it, they'll end up choosing the Mac and Cheese. Just saying. 

Looking for more vegan recipes? Try my Ginger Turmeric 'Ice Cream', or my Boozy Roasted Plums