Review of Truth Natural CBD Oil and Gummies

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Thanks to Truth Naturals for sending me the 500mg natural CBD oil tincture and the gummies for this review. All opinions are my own, and don't take anything here as medical advice. For that you need to chat to your doctor. 

Firstly, let me start off by saying I am already a fan of Truth Natural CBD oil. I've used it for a few years now and although they're careful to make claims about health, I am sure that for me it helps my migraines and anxiety levels and that's why I take it. 

I started off with the 500mg tincture, which is this one pictured, and then moved up to 1000mg when I found I needed something a little stronger. I've found that the 1000mg tincture is perfect for me, and I take a dropper-full once a day. You can buy it in lemon, natural and peppermint flavours. The natural flavour is very earthy but not at all unpleasant - but the other flavours are there if you prefer them. I notice that the new bottle comes with a drip-proof neck which is really useful as some oil in the older bottles did used to trickle down the sides at times. 

The thing with CBD oil is that you need only a little bit to make a difference, and everyone has that individual 'tipping' point. It's recommended that if you're not used to it, start off with the 500mg tincture, because that might be perfect for you. If not, you can experiment by going up to the next level up next time. 

You just squeeze the dropper to suck up the oil, position the end of it just over the underside of  your tongue and let go to dispense the liquid. Wait 60 seconds (you can guarantee that now is the time someone will come to talk to you and ask you something important) and then swallow. 

I had better get this out of the way, too. Truth Naturals CBD oil is not illegal or shifty in any way and will not get you high. The element that does get people high (THC) is removed, and in all my years of taking it I have never felt woozy or sleepy or giggly or out of control in any way. I am sure that personally, it just makes me about 10 per cent calmer. I explained it to a friend like this: you know when you're stressed out and you have that agitation that just adds to your day, like it's all that buzzing that stops you thinking straight? For me, it's like this CBD oil just skims that off and you're left thinking much more clearly and overthinking less.  

It's barely noticeable. But it's enough that me know it's working.

So that's the tinctures.

I didn't actually know that they also made gummies. This was the first time I'd tried them.

The Truth Natural gummies are actually really good. They're also convenient for taking out and about with you in case you want to take a dose in public. You get 30 gummies in a tin, and each gummy contains 10mg of Cannabidiol. They're free from gluten, dairy, soy and GMOs and it's recommended that you take no more than 1-2 of them per day, so they're definitely not to be eaten in handfuls. They come in orange, lemon and red grape flavours and the only way you can tell they're different to regular non-CBD gummies is because they have a little sharpness right at the end.  

I've been approached by a number of CBD oil companies, who have seen that I use it on social media. But honestly, I trust Truth Naturals and stick with them. They've always been super helpful and knowledgable when I've needed to contact them with a query, the products are just really great quality and you can tell there's just a real passion behind their work. 

And do feel free to reach out to them here if you have any questions, doubts or need any advice before you buy. They're a friendly team!

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