10 Tracks To Add To Your Playlist To Up Your Mood

Looking for inspiration for refreshing your playlist? 

Look no further. 

Here are ten songs I crank up when I need a boost. 
Let me know your favourites in the comments below! 

Photo by Elice Moore on Unsplash

1. Don't Slack
There's something about this bouncing, upbeat tune by Anderson Paak and Justin Timberlake that means I can't stay still while it's on. It just lifts me up - the rhythm, the lyrics, all of it. You'll soon be jumping up and down and waving your arms in the air just like me. 

2. F.I.N.E.
OK, it's a little bit naughty but this Aerosmith track from the 1990s starts with a grindy, electric crescendo and then erupts into a banging beat and lyrics that just celebrate life. Sometimes you just need a big rock song to clear out the cobwebs, and for me, this is it. 

3. Scream
The video to this one was a bit weird, with its spaceships and military dancing but honestly? When you feel confused with the world it's just good to know you're not alone. Even Michael and Janet Jackson were feeling this way when they recorded it. With lyrics like: 'with this confusion don't it make you wanna scream?' and yes, it certainly does. 

4. Smile
One of the tracks on the Birds of Prey movie soundtrack, Smile by Maisie Peters starts off a bit haunting, but it's kind of a wake up call. It seems to instil confidence, self-worth and self respect. 'No more Mrs Sweet and Miss Nice' is about right. It's for when you need a bit of a lift. Works for me. 

5. Happy
Remember that incredible video that came out with this Pharrell Williams song, with all the celebs in it? And hell, how can you not want to 'clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do'? With its vibrant rhythm it's hard to stay still listening to this one, too. 

6. Uptown Funk
Another one that'll get you wiggling your hips while you're stirring the risotto, this Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson track is playful, fun and has a beautiful 1970s-inspired rhythm and brass sections. It's easy to learn the words, too. Have fun with it. 

7. Feeling Good
Sometimes nothing will do but retro, and this absolutely classic Nina Simone track is full of hope, new beginnings and a slinky bass line to go with it all. Classic. Sing along at the top of your voice in the shower. Why not. 

8. What You Waiting For? 
I remember when I first saw the video to this Gwen Stefani song in around 2005 with its weird, technicolour Alice in Wonderland theme and I loved it straight away. There's a lot of self doubt in the lyrics, questions about maybe not feeling quite good enough. And then it's kicked to the kerb by the chorus. Uplifting and inspiring. 

9. Shake It Off
There are so many Taylor Swift songs I could have chosen - Mean, This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, 22. But with Shake It Off, it's just a perfect message. Haters are gonna hate. So just shake it off and do your thing. Basically. 

10. What a Wonderful World
There's something about Louis Armstrong's voice that immediately soothes me. I love it. And this song is full of gratitude and an awe of nature, which I'm always talking about - 'I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom, for me and you....'. It is a wonderful world, and this song just gives us a soothing and gentle reminder. 

Any of these already on your list? Let me know in the comments below. 

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