Izabella Natrins Talks Covid-19, Health and The Real Food Solution

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I received a review copy of Izabella Natrins' book, The Real Food Solution, and I've shared it on Instagram. It's a pretty big book, full of tips on how to improve health through our diet and lifestyle. One of the things Izabella is about is eating like our grannies ate. So we choose natural foods over the highly-processed items we can pick up in packets, ready made for us, in our weekly shop. It's a great attitude to live by, and as a health expert and Real Food Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Izabella knows what she's talking about. 

And it's never a better time than now, as we live in a pandemic - for us to start taking more care of our health. 

Who better then, to talk to you about her book, than Izabella herself? Here's a run down from the lady herself... 

Eat yourself better with REAL food

Worrying times

We’re living in worrying times. As anxiety increases and we do our best to follow the guidelines that will help to protect us and those we love from the CONVID- 19 virus that is sweeping the planet, we find ourselves called to hunker back down to the safety of home.

Of course, it’s absolutely critical that we follow the important advice from public health authorities… and it’s just as important that we understand that to fight a virus we must build a strong immune system from within. We have robust science to show that what we eat and how we live can support or undermine our immune health.

Eating for a resilient health

Back in the day, our grandparents (and theirs) enjoyed REAL foods: a wide variety of whole, organic, seasonal, local and unprocessed foods. Our grannies wouldn’t have recognised the packet, convenience and takeout ‘foods’ that we have come to rely on today - highly processed, calorie rich but nutritionally empty ‘fillers’. Our body doesn’t recognise them either.

Real foods are much more than fillers – they’re critical nutrition and health information carrying molecules that tell every single cell how and when to grow, switch on and switch off to make the flesh and bone of our body, to protect us and to heal.

Our body finds deep nutrition in traditional foods like 100% grass-fed and organ meats liver and bone broths; animal products like eggs, milk, cheese, wild-caught fish, fats like butter and lard; in olive and coconut oils and a wide variety of organic or cleanly grown colourful fruits and vegetables, cultured and fermented foods, herbs and spices.

Research shows us that when we put these foods on our table, not only does our overall health improve, but often food intolerances and many symptoms of chronic disease diminish too. The quality and nutrition in our food starts in the soil and its myriad nourishing ‘life-support’ systems. Science is showing us the profound and inextricable links between our health and the health of our planet.

In THE REAL FOOD SOLUTION, I have done extensive research to dispel the confusion, anxiety and suspicion over what to eat. I’ve put a stake in the ground and put out a call to action to care where our food comes from and how it’s produced, to understand the impact this has on our health and on our planet. And I’ve offered solutions for what we can do about it.

Covid-19, our hero immune system and real food

Never has it been more important to build up resilient health. Our immune system, located alongside our rather fragile gut wall, prevents harmful pathogens – like all kinds of viruses – from entering our blood stream. When this wall is compromised (by an onslaught of processed and ‘fake’ foods, food and environmental toxins, medications, chemicals, the stressors of modern life), harmful substances can get through into our blood stream and our hero immune system springs into action with a protective inflammatory response. If this inflammation becomes chronic, low-grade and widespread our resilience and health begin to fail and our risk for ALL illness increases. 

The good news is that real food and supportive lifestyle is powerful medicine to our immune system. A real food varied diet rich in a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods, together with movement, rest, relaxation and stress reduction techniques are all critical ways in which we can build resilience and support our immune health. The Real Food Solution is a go-to guide to building immune resilience with nutrient-dense foods.

A supportive lifestyle is equally important, so I have curated a Covid-19 Immune Support Series to offer trusted information and supportive articles from all around the web.

You can find Izabella at IzabellaNatrins.com and at Femergy Nutrition and Lifestyle health coaching, helping women to create resilient health around midlife and way beyond. 

You can also find her on Instagram or Facebook

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