Eco Friendly Wild Deodorant Review

I received a sample of Wild Deodorant, so I could try it for a few weeks and report back. However, all opinions are my own. 

We've done a lot in our family over the last year or so to reduce our consumption of plastics - especially single use plastic - and while we've moved onto bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner bars and washable make up pads, some products are proving a bit trickier to switch to an eco version. 

Take deodorant, for example. It either comes in a spray can, or a plastic roll on. You can buy a powder, but that can be kind of messy and not easy to use on the go. In the end, we settled for a deodorant that was essentially a stock of rock salt but sat in a plastic tube that we'd try and recycle (our council is a bit picky over what they recycle currently, at the moment they say they only recycle plastic bottles without the caps). 

So when I heard about Wild Deodorant, I kind of didn't quite believe it at first. 

But the idea is genius. 

You buy one case, which holds your deodorant and you can twist it up from the base, as you use it. the case is made from recycled plastic and anodised aluminium. It will last for ages and be travel-proof, water-resistant and very easy and clean to use. Then, you buy a deodorant refill, in a fragrance you like, and insert it into the re-useable case. With a click and a twist, your deodorant is ready to use. 


Wild sent me a sample deodorant to try it out. 

I love the sleek, metallic, modern design - which you can get in your preferred choice of colour. The cap and base lock into place securely and it's easy to use. 

The deodorant itself is based on natural ingredients such as coconut oil, seed wax and shea butter - no parabens, or aluminium, yay! - and comes in the form of a thick paste that keeps its shape well in the refill. You twist it up as you use it. The deodorant is housed in a thin cup of cardboard. At the end of use, you can throw it in the compost or pop it in your paper recycling. 

Wild say that the deodorant should last around 4 weeks, when you can log on and order another refill to click into your case. It's delivered by post, and should fit through your letterbox. I've been using mine for about a week, and I have to say it hasn't really gone down much, so that depends on the use, how firmly you apply it and how sweaty you get.

If you're concerned about the plastic in the case, don't be. You'll only ever need one (unless you break it or lose it) - and just think of all the single-use deodorant plastic you've been throwing away all these years. 

As to its effectiveness, it's pretty good for a day. I've been walking for an hour in 24C heat lately and it's managed well with that, when I return home fresh as a daisy - or ok, a s fresh as a bergamot flower. Again, I have no complaints. You can always pack it in your bag anyway, if you need to take it with you anywhere or if you're doing anything more hardcore, like going to the gym. 

Seriously, do think about getting your own Wild Deodorant refill. My heart sinks when I see all the plastic deodorant bottles and roll ons in the shops. Wouldn't it be great to just have one case and then buy the fragrance you need each time, with no further cost to the environment? 

Head on over to the Wild Deodorant website and give these guys your support. 

And thank you to Wild, for coming up with another way to ease the burden on the planet! 

Have you tried Wild? Do you have any questions? Ask away, in the comments below, or on Instagram @wildrefill.


  1. Ive just switched to Wild too and think its great! Great to no longer feel the burden of single use plastics when selecting a deodorant. The fresh cotton and sea salt smells lovely x


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