Oh Lily! Water Lily Seeds Review

#ad I received the water lily seeds from Oh Lily! to try out for the purposes of the review, however all opinions are my own. 

Do you know what's the new craze in healthy snacking? 

Water lily seeds. 

Yeah, I thought it was weird too. Until I tried them. 

These little puffed up balls are the result of taking seeds from water lilies and then slow roasting them so they pop up and go crispy. A bit like cheese puffs, but much healthier. These seeds are gluten free, vegan friendly, natural and a great source of fibre, magnesium and protein. Once slow roasted, they're dusted with tasty seasonings - again, which are all-natural. 

Oh Lily! were kind to send me a selection of their flavoured, popped water lily seeds. 

The Cheezy Vegan flavour is subtle, and flavoured not with cheese, but nutritional yeast. It's not overly cheesy, which I like - and satisfyingly crisp. 

Indian Gold is dusted with turmeric and black pepper - there's definitely a kick from the black pepper and a sweet muskiness from the turmeric, and these are incredibly moreish. I tucked a few of these away while watching old episodes of Sherlock on Netflix in the evenings after dinner. 

Keralan Snow - sweet with coconut, and a heady flavour of cocoa. Trying a sweet variety was interesting - my husband took a small pot of these to work with him, to try and stop him buying chocolate. It worked. A couple after dinner is a good idea, too. 

French Riviera was my favourite of all the varieties. It has that deeply savoury, herby flavour, and a rich colour, thanks to the dusting of paprika. 

Parisian Kiss - raspberry and chocolate flavours, how could this not work? The popped seeds are covered in 70%dark chocolate and dusted with raspberry. Not sweet - but it has a tart flavour, perfect after a meal. 

These are such a great idea - I loved them. Nutritious little snacks, low in sugar and with natural flavourings. They are a little carby, at 79g per 100g, so if you're on keto or watching your carb intake you just might want to monitor how many you're eating. 

They've become a very handy snack to pack for days out, snacking or work. For more details visit the Oh Lily! website to find out more. Definitely a favourite here! 

Have you tried popped water lily seeds? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!