Recipe for Medieval Pancakes

It's funny. The further back in time you go, the healthier the foods get. 

As you know, I love recreating historical recipes (history is my first love, it was my degree subject and I've been obsessed with the Tudors since I was about twelve). And lately, for a bit of bedtime reading, I've been trawling through a mammoth fifteenth-century text called A Noble Book of Cookry ffor a Prynce Houssolde. 

Written in 1467-68, it's full of recipes expected to be served in a wealthy household. It comes from the peak of the Wars of the Roses in England, which resulted in two main politically prominent families pushing and pulling and shifting allegiances. The crown changed hands seven times between 1400-1500, so that gives you some idea of all the fighting and jostling. 

Anyway, I digress. 

While these families were busy taking up their arms and sneaking about with their plots and treasonous plans, I like to think that they were gobbling up a pancake or two like this: they're called Samatard

This recipe dates from before the sugar-laden times of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, so many of them are actually kind of healthy. 

This recipe uses three ingredients: cottage cheese, eggs and cream. I've added vanilla extract for modern tastes, and served with a good dribble of old-fashioned honey. 


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