You Are Amazing - Seriously.

This is a chapter from my book Love Life, Stress Less. It's a fun little book full of pep talks organised in handy little bite-sized chapters, that you can read whenever you need some clarity or a bit of an energy boost. It talks about learning to be completely and blissfully in love with the life you have, along with reducing stress and anxieties that we all face. 

It's available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle ebook. I hope you love it. 

Photo by Caju Gomes on Unsplash

You Are Amazing. Seriously.

I know you’re sitting there, reading this, going all coy, fluttering your eyelashes and thinking ‘No, I’m not. I’m not really amazing’, but you totally are. You’re a thing of wonder. We all are.

I think, that to look at the world in a new, wild and awe-inspiring way, we first need to see how totally amazing each of us is.

How about this? 

You are an incredible, organic machine. You’re the result of millions - maybe billions - of years of evolution. You process an insane number of actions every second, most of them you’re not even realising you’re doing. In the thirty seconds it took you to start this chapter, your heart has dealt with your blood circulation needs at least 40 times (assuming you have an average resting heart rate of 80 bpm and also assuming you’re not reading this while flat out on a treadmill). Your reflexes are busy breathing, sucking air into your lungs and then processing it so that you have enough oxygen to thrive. 

Your digestive system is getting on with the business of eliminating waste, while your stomach rumbling might be telling you to go and make a snack. Little white blood cells are gobbling up microscopic invaders that could give you a cold or a virus and make you ill. They’re your little army, keeping your defences up. They’re doing that right now. Your brain is processing these little black lines, curves and dots on the page, making sense of them and releasing an emotional reaction as you read.  

Your brain is flooded with different hormones, which change depending on the time of day or night. They will rise and fall, balance and unbalance and tell you when to get sleepy and when (and what) to eat, depending on your individual needs. 

While you sleep, your brain will convert all of the emotions felt during the day into the internal cinema you know as dreams and your body will enter repair mode, attempting to fix anything it’s noticed that’s gone a bit wrong during the day. 

And what are you doing? Just passing the time, having a read of this book. You’re not consciously doing any of these things - it’s being taken care of for you. 

Amazing. Told you.