Review: Conscious Chocolate - Organic Raw Chocolate

Thank you to Conscious Chocolate, who sent me the chocolate I tasted for this review. 

There's nearly always a downside to chocolate, isn't there? Like, it's raw and good for you but it's packaged in plastic. Or it's packaged in paper but contains soya. Or it's got loads of sugar in it. It's difficult to find a chocolate that ticks all the healthy and eco boxes, don't you think? 

This is the part where I bow with a flourish and introduce you to Conscious Chocolate

*bows with flourish*

Dairy, gluten, refined sugar and soya free, Conscious is set to appeal to the health conscious (see what I did there?) market. Being curious to see if it really was all it was cracked up to be, I was sent a selection of their flavours - The Dark Side 85%, Orange and Tangerine, and Peppermint. 

The chocolate, which is handmade in England, is sweetened with coconut blossom so it's a bit easier on your blood sugars and comes in fully eco-friendly packaging. The cardboard outer could be recycled if you like, and the protective inner wrapper is compostable. They tell me that they are actually the only UK chocolate bar to have 100% fully compostable packaging. They're made in Sussex and even the energy they're made from comes from renewable sources. And the ink? Oh yes, that's made from veggies. 

Eco box ticked. On to the chocolate. 

The dark 85% cacao chocolate had more of a brittleness and was slightly less creamy than the others I tried, but that's to be expected, due to its high cacao content. The flavour isn't harsh - even though it's 85% it's still good for a few squares while you're watching a film, or for dessert and it has a tiny hint of vanilla. I can see myself making a beautiful sea salt and chocolate tart with this - such a rich flavour. 

The orange and tangerine bar is flavoured with essential oils, giving it a fragrant, zesty finish. As I mentioned, it's a little creamier than the darker chocolate, as is the peppermint, blended with peppermint oil. These two flavours soften and melt in the mouth, giving a really luxurious texture. The peppermint one is probably my favourite (it was very difficult to pick a fave to be honest) but clicking off a square or two to enjoy after dinner was refreshing - perfect with a cup of coffee as you unwind after the day. I found the orange and tangerine bar more invigorating - for a little treat in the mid-afternoon. 

I'm so happy to see a chocolate company fully mindful of looking after the planet, as well as giving us all a boost of endorphins through their great quality, creamy chocolate. The bars come in 30g and 60g bars and you'll find them online at Conscious Chocolate, or Amazon, TK Maxx and health stores around the country. If you see them, do give them a try. I'm pretty sure you'll love them, like I did. 

Have you tried Conscious Chocolate? Let me know what you think!