Nakin Skincare Serum and Lip Balm Review

I'm always on the lookout for friendlier skin care, and so when Nakin asked if I'd like to give a couple of their anti-ageing products a try, I was excited to give it a go. 

There's this idea that natural beauty products are just not, when it comes down to it, as good as the creams and lotions loaded with chemicals, at keeping our skin healthy and reducing those pesky fine lines. Having tried more natural products in the past, I know this isn't true - in recent years many of the man-made chemicals and formulated ingredients that exist in some anti-ageing skincare products have been called into question. In health circles, there's a definite turn towards the natural when we want to look after our skin. 

Nakin say that their skincare is made with 'natural, premium ingredients' and that they use the best plant actives to achieve the desired result. This is something I'm always looking for, so was keen to road test the products and report back to you. 

The Nakin Anti Ageing Serum feels kind of luxurious. The serum is soft and silky, and when you massage it into the skin (I used two pumps for my face and neck) it stays long enough for you to massage it gently in, and then turns a little sticky and then disappears completely, but you do feel moisturised with a healthy glow to your skin. It's also not too pricey, at £25, which lasted me longer than a month. After about three weeks of using the serum, my skin feels soft to the touch. I'm really sensitive to serums, and have come out in a rash or swelling after using some of the high street versions - but I used this easily, with no bad effects. I'd keep using this after the one I have runs out, I love the way it feels on bare skin and also underneath makeup. It's not sticky (except for a second as it soaks into your skin) and after a few days use, definitely makes my skin feel youthful and well hydrated. 

So onto the Lip Balm. 

Between you and me, my lips are a nightmare. They get dry and chapped and I end up peeling off the dead skin, resulting in more chapping and - well, you know how it goes. 

Time for some lip care. 

The Nakin Anti Ageing Lip Treatment Balm costs £10 for a small pot, but I'm telling you that pot is going to last you ages. The balm is creamily thick and you only need to gently dab the tip of your finger in it and you have more than plenty to schmoosh over your lips, leaving them glossy and conditioned. The balm stays on for a while, and then soaks in nicely so you don't feel like it's on there all day. I love applying it before lipstick so it glides on really smoothly and gives a lovely, soothing base. I applied it as necessary throughout the day and then every night before bed so it can do its work while I'm snoozing. 

Big thanks to Nakin, who sent me the serum and lip balm for an honest review - I totally love it. I guess if I could wave a magic wand I'd wish for non-plastic packaging but it is recyclable. The quality of the products and the fact that works so well with my super sensitive skin has left me really impressed with the Nakin brand - more impressed than I thought I was going to be. This is the first dedicated anti-ageing serum I've tried that hasn't irritated my skin. I'm actually excited to see how the rest of their products fare. Watch this space.

For more information, please check out Nakin's website