Friday, 17 May 2019

The Essential Autoimmune Protocol Ebook Library

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I have some exciting news to tell you today. 

There's a new ebook bundle that's been released, and it aims to make AIP (the autoimmune protocol) more manageable and achievable for everyone. 

It's been put together by Mickey and Angie from Autoimmune Wellness and it's called The Essential Autoimmune Protocol Ebook Library. 

With over 30 AIP compliant ebooks, including one of my ebooks Let's Do Lunch, it covers everything you need to get started (and stay!) on the paleo autoimmune protocol.  

Here are the rest of the details... 

  • Cookbooks (more than 1,400 recipes)
  • Meal plans (18 weeks of them)
  • How-to guides (covering important topics like reintroductions, sleep, fibre, and batch cooking)
  • ...and more!

And while some digital books are priced at around £10/$12 each, you can bag the whole package of these 30+ ebooks for £22/$28 - that's less than one dollar per book. 

If you're wondering how and why we do this, it's because we authors put our ebooks into the bundle so that our work reaches a wider audience and also because we think the community deserves access to a bargain once in a while. And it doesn't happen very often, so it's worth taking advantage of this one now, if you like the look of the ebooks included. 

As well as helping to support the contributors to the bundle, you'll be supporting some fantastic charities that make life easier for those with autoimmune conditions. 10% of every single purchase will be donated to a different charity, chosen by Mickey and Angie. 

These include the AIP Research Fund, The Savory Institute, The Ancestral Health Society and Sacred Cow. 

To find out the full list of resources in the bundle, along with all the details about charities supported, click here - the bundle is live for 4 days only and will go off sale after May 20th, so click here to find out more and download your copy. I'll be cooking some of the recipes in the bundle on my Instagram feed if you want to come and have a look! 

Enjoy! Let me know what you make from it! 

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