Review of New Divine Chocolates Organic Range

Want rich, dark chocolate, infused with zesty flavours? I take a look at the new organic range from Divine... 

I've been a long time fan of Divine chocolate. I'll often pop a bar into my trolley at the supermarket, as a treat to nibble on with a cuppa, you know, as a reward for unpacking the shopping - so I was really excited to find out they had released a new organic range of dark chocolate. They got in touch, and sent me some to try. 

Best day ever. 

Divine Chocolate piled up on a board

I was sent chocolate in 5 different flavours. There was Rich Dark Chocolate with Blueberry and Popped Quinoa (85% cocoa), Rich Dark Chocolate with Refreshing Lemon (85% cocoa), Rich Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs (85%), Exceptionally Rich Dark Chocolate (95% cocoa) and Rich Dark Chocolate with Turmeric and Ginger (85% cocoa). 

All are organic and all are definitely rich. The Blueberry and Popped Quinoa have real blueberries in, along with popped quinoa pieces, which look a bit, embedded in the chocolate, like popped rice cereal chunks. But obviously better for you. It's tangy and dark, with its 85% cocoa content. The odd blueberry piece gives a burst of sweetness and chewiness to contrast against the dark, velvety chocolate. We liked this one very much. 

The Refreshing Lemon was one of our favourites. You don't often think of dark chocolate pairing well with lemon, but it really does. And despite the fact that it's 85% cocoa solids, my two kids enjoyed sneaking off a piece from the kitchen drawer whenever they could. 

Divine Chocolate piled up on a board

The dark chocolate with Cocoa Nibs was dark - and it tasted much darker than the other varieties, but I think that's just because it had no sweetness or tang to offset it. Bite down on the chocolate and you get an intensely dark chocolate flavour with a tiny crunch from the cocoa nibs. This one felt a bot grown up. 

The Exceptionally Rich chocolate was mine and my husbands. My kids went to 85% but couldn't bring themselves to have another go at the 95% one. Beautifully dark, rich and the tang from the pure chocolate kind of dries out your mouth a little. And because it's such a dry, complex bar, it takes you ages to get through it. A square or two broken off the bar after dinner and you're done. Not for bingeing, but this one's more for savouring and eating slowly. 

Divine Chocolate piled up on a board

Finally, the Turmeric and Ginger flavour was BEAUTIFUL. It was the first bar we finished. That little burst from the ginger and the dark chocolate - and the turmeric just makes you feel like you're doing your body some good. Which of course, you are. Chocolate is good for the body and mind, didn't you know? 

Any downsides? Not with the flavours or the quality of this chocolate, which I love. The ethos of the company is great, too - these chocolates are organic (Soil Association certified, no less), vegan, Fairtrade and Non-GMO verified. Sounds good. The company was established in 1998 by a co-operative of cocoa farmers in Ghana - they own 44% of the company and share in its profit. The packaging is completely plastic free and biodegradable. All good again. The only thing I'd mention is that a quick look at the ingredients and although there's no gluten containing ingredients in the list, it does say that the chocolate 'may contain milk, cereals containing gluten and nuts', which may be just to do with the handling. But there's no palm oil or soya in the chocolate, so that's a plus. 

I love Divine chocolate - I love their ideals, their responsibility to the environment and society and I love their chocolate. Go and give these new flavours or organic chocolate a try. Bet you'll love it, too. Find out more on the Divine Chocolate website

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