Review of Low Alcohol Silver Swift Drinks

A look at a range of fruity, low alcohol drinks recently launched in the UK, with flavours that celebrate the classic British summer. 

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Since eating a little more healthily, I've reduce my alcohol consumption quite a lot. I'll have the odd gluten free beer, or glass of Prosecco but generally, my alcohol intake is zero. It plays havoc with my digestion, causes my psoriasis to flare and often makes me flush bright pink and go giddy after two sips. I'm quite a lightweight, it's true. 

But I do miss a chilled, fizzy alcoholic drink on a warm summer's day, the plump bubbles clinging to the lemon slice that bobs about in the glass as I sip. Well, miss no more. 

I was contacted by Silver Swift, who told me they'd brought out a new range of drinks that were low in alcohol, fruity and summery and would I like to try them for a review. So I agreed, because it can't just be me that fancies a low alcohol tipple from time to time. 

They sent me three of their drinks to try: Wild Rose Gin, Basil Blush Vodka and Tipsy Iced Tea Vodka. 

The first one I opened, the Wild Rose Gin, just tasted of summer. I always find the flavour of gin so evocative of breezy, sunny evenings, but this was really boosted with the rose. I was also pleased that the drinks were only gently fizzy - the right amount of texture as you drink, not so fizzy that it sizzles on your tongue.  

The Basil Blush Vodka had, on first sip, a sweet pepperiness - there was no doubt that you could taste the flavour of basil. And the vodka was subtle - these, to me, aren't 'boozy' drinks, they're for slow sipping with friends, or while dinner cooks in the oven - or, preferably, sizzles on the barbecue. 

The Tipsy Iced Tea Vodka I found to be very refreshing - it had the tang of iced tea and the gentle kick of the vodka, of course. My favourite? Difficult to pin down, I enjoyed them all. But I did love the Wild Rose Gin, because it was such an unusual flavour and so evocative of the fragrances of British summer. 

It's worth noting that these drinks are low in alcohol - just 5% - which is significant when you consider that an average glass of white wine is around 12% or more. They didn't leave me feeling flushed or tipsy. The ingredients are vegan friendly, gluten free and all natural. No weird sweeteners, flavourings or colours. And they're in just the right sized bottle, too, although if you don't want to drink it all in one go, you can store what's left in the fridge for up to a couple of days.  

Final thoughts? I thought the drinks provide something that's more exciting than beer - even flavoured beer - for those of us who want to limit our alcohol intake. You won't be consigned to sipping water or lemonade while your friends knock back colourful cocktails or fizzy Prosecco and you'll feel like you're having a treat, too. It's a big plus that the makers behind Silver Swift have made the effort to ensure the drinks are not only low alcohol but also all-natural, gluten free and vegan friendly, too. They look pretty, they taste authentic and unusual. I'd love to see larger sizes - so that you can bring a bottle to a friend's or give as a gift. I'm also excited to see what other flavours they might develop next - something with blackberries and gin, for example, to celebrate the end of summer. Or something with apple, to continue the British theme. 

Honestly, I loved these. It's great to have a lower alcohol option that's casual enough for a family BBQ but also special enough for a celebration.

If you try them, let me know what you think, too. 

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