The Little Book of Happy Healthy Living eBook - Out Now!

A new community ebook launches today, which gives advice on diet, but so much more too - here's a lifestyle ebook that covers sleep, fitness, the mind and helps you reduce your toxic load. 

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So, I've been busy behind the scenes working on a new project that I think you'll really LOVE. 

It's a community ebook, so it's the result of the work of 19 bloggers, experts and writers, who have come together because we felt that mostly, people were talking a whole lot about diet and food when there's so much more to a healthy lifestyle alongside all that avocado, spinach and kale. After all, there's no point making avocado toast and green smoothies for breakfast every day and then sitting for the next 15 hours (at a car, desk and then a sofa). That's not going to help your body at all. 

For my healing, I've found the lifestyle aspect just as important as the food. And I think we need to talk about it more. 

In The Little Book of Happy, Healthy Living, there are tips on sleep and why it's so important. Why perhaps lifting weights in a gym might not be the optimum path to fitness as we all thought. And articles about the stress connection - why we get stressed in the first place, how to notice it and what to do about it. Ever thought about mindfulness or meditation? There are tips on that, too. Oh, and why you should be living each day like it's your best friend's birthday. We set out to create a book that put a happy, healthy lifestyle at its core, and I think we've really achieved that. I know you'll love it.

I'm so proud to be part of this team of bloggers that have put this together for you. I've been joined by brilliant people such as nutritionists, a life coach, experts on essential oils and fitness gurus. There are recipes too from your favourite recipe developers - like minty brownies, bacon lattice chicken and a gorgeous paleo chicken curry that's totally on my list to make. Foodies will give you tips on which foods to add to your diet and help you get to love nutrient dense offal. 

All recipes are gluten and refined sugar free. Many are dairy free and some are nut-free, too. 

And, because it's a community ebook, you'll find lots of other cool people to follow, too! Bonus!

Go and find out more about the Little Book of Happy, Healthy Living ebook here, and let me know what you think!