Review of Modibodi Underwear - for Eco Periods

In my quest to reduce my family's plastic load, I try out Modibodi underwear - the environmentally friendly solution to that time of the month.

I'm going to talk about periods.

And, I'll admit, I was a little apprehensive about slipping on my new Modibodi pants (thank you Modibodi for sending me a pair to try) as the sun rose on the first day of mine last month.

Modibodi are an Australian company, but you can buy them here online in the UK, and they were made to reduce the need for disposable pads or tampons during your period. When you think about the waste each woman generates each month, it's kind of unsettling. And, say Modibodi, depending on your flow, you can either wear the underwear as an alternative to disposable sanitary products, or, on your heavier days, as a back up to ensure you don't leak out of your pad.

My periods can get quite heavy on certain days, so I was curious to see how Modibodi would shape up. I kept them in my drawer ready to slip on, but had a read of the instructions beforehand, so I knew what I was doing. They recommend after wearing, to take the underwear, rinse in cold water and then wash in your machine. Also, knowing I also only had one pair to last the week, I went online and bought two more, so I had reserves.

I was ready.

Day one came and went, and I only needed to use the underwear. No leaks. No horrible feeling of a pad or something there during the day. All good.

Day two, and my flow was a bit (a lot) heavier. I quickly decided that I needed back up so used the pants in conjunction with a pad. Because the pants I have are black, you can't quite see how much blood you're losing, so if you're in doubt, use a pad on your heavier days and see how you go. There are other colours online, by the way.

As my flow started to decrease again I found that I could use the Modibodi pants as regular pants, without having to worry about leaking or having lumps and bumps showing through my clothes, in particular my skinny jeans (insert shocked face emoji here). It happens. 

The sample they sent me was the active one - light, fits perfectly, with a small reinforced padded area in the centre. The ones I bought myself, the heavy flow ones, were the same, but the padded, reinforced strip continues all the way up the back of the pants, to help protect at night, when you're laying down.

And you don't just need to use them for periods, you can use them for hotter days for a bit more comfort and freshness, or slight incontinence leaks if you suffer with that. They're genius!

I love the design of these too - they look modern, and you'd actually not know they were special period pants at all except for the branded waistband that runs along the top. The website has different styles, so you can mix and match with whatever style suits you. They also have an elasticated waistband, which I found helped tuck in my Mum Tum, and gave me a slimmer look, which was good, especially as my tummy can inflate a bit at this time of the month. The underwear is made from bamboo fibre, which grows quickly and is fully natural and breathable and it really does feel like a light, fresh cotton.

The pants also washed really well. A quick rinse under the cold tap, a light squeeze and I put them straight into the washing machine. Just make sure you don't use fabric conditioner, as the chemicals in the conditioner can start to perish away the fibres the pants are made from. They dried on the line really quickly too.

Overall, I really liked the Modibodi pants. I'm considering buying more. And I only needed to actually use sanitary pads for one day of my period, so I've drastically reduced the disposables I'm using already. I'm considering buying a set for my teenage daughter, too. And because you can start wearing them from around the time your period is due, you don't have that awful moment where your period arrives early and you need to pop to the nearest chemist at a train station, like I had to do the other month. You're all set and ready. They're definitely comfortable, feel fresh and clean and leave you forgetting really that you have your period in the first place. And they're better for the environment. You'd recoup the money you spend on the pants easily within a few months, because you're not shelling out on expensive sanitary products. And even if you need to use them on some of the days, like me, your usage will be dramatically reduced. Less disposables in landfill, less weird plastics touching your body all day.

All good. 

Have you used Modibodi underwear? Let me know what you think in the comments below!