One Body One Life - Don't Screw It Up! Book Review - by Andrew Green

A look at the new, brilliantly-titled book One Body One Life - Don't Screw It Up, written by chiropractor Andrew Green. 

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I've been going to see my chiropractor, Beccy, for the last couple of months (it's amazing, totally recommend it - goodbye migraines!), and it was while I was getting comfy on her mechanical couch on my last visit that she mentioned that her boss, Andrew Green, had written a book about health, and would I like to come along to the book launch. 

I know that chiropractic care is about much more than just clicking bones. They get you to tweak your diet and lifestyle, too, as well as your posture - and help you get to grips with how you can support the health of your whole nervous system naturally. So it sounded interesting. 

When I first arrived, Andrew came over to me and we talked a bit about health, my ongoing psoriasis, other autoimmune conditions and his new book. He mentioned stress and how it often ties in with autoimmune disease - and how it can affect the body so negatively, along with lack of sleep and lack of overall nutrition. He was called away for photos, and I got talking to a lady next to me, who, she said, had been a patient of Andrew's for many years. "Does it help?" I asked her. "Well, I'm 72 and I go to the gym 6 times a week." 

That was all the proof I needed. 

As Andrew stood up to address everyone, he talked about the problem we have in the US and the UK of rising obesity, especially affecting children. He talked about how very few people actually get the recommended amount of exercise they need per day, and how just a few minutes of brisk walking each day can do so much for you. 

And that's when it dawned on me. 

Andrew and his team see people every day in their Caversham clinic. They adjust their spines and send them off on their day. There's a definite physical side to chiropractic treatment, but there's another side too, that deals with diet and lifestyle to help complement the physical treatment that you get in the clinic. That's the stuff you do at home. This is a book that's mostly about this half of the treatment. The dietary advice, the posture, exercise and lifestyle. It's information that everyone can use, whether you see a chiropractor or not. 

Written in a down to earth style, just as Andrew speaks, it's easy to understand and packed full of facts and statistics, which I always love. There are also questions at the back of the book to help you assess your health more objectively. After all, I assured doctors for 20 years that I didn't feel stressed, when truthfully, I'd never known anything else, so couldn't really tell! 

Think of this book as a handbook that you can refer to whenever you need. Read it through first - it's fairly thin at 205 pages, and took me a leisurely 2-3 hours in the sunshine to read cover to cover. And, as the chapters are broken up into useful sections, you can then flick through to the information you need to remind you. And then there's a recap of the whole book at the back. Perfect for keeping all these tips fresh in your mind, so that you can apply them to every day life. I'll definitely be reading this again. 

Find out more about One Body One Life: Don't Screw It Up on Amazon, or visit Andrew's chiropractic practice, Reflex Spinal Health in Caversham.