My 5 Point Vegan, Natural Makeup Routine

Fed up with makeup loaded with ingredients you don't know? I share my own every-day vegan, organic makeup routine, using natural products from Green People UK. 

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I've never been really into loads of makeup. I remember at school, the girls meeting up at break times in front of the mirror in the toilets, touching up their mascara and lip gloss while I shuffled awkwardly somewhere in the back, behind a mist of hairspray and strawberry-scented body spray. I just wasn't a make-up type. 

I soldiered through life using it a little bit, at parties, and rocking some cat-eye winged liquid eyeliner in the late 1990s, but that was about it. Until I got to my thirties and my Mum tactfully mentioned I might like to start wearing some lipstick. 

Now I know that mascara makes my eyes pop and looks like I'm at least awake. That, and a flick of blusher is all I need most days. But wearing make up doesn't mean you have to settle for thick, pasty stuff that you can feel on your skin all day, or that slides off onto your collar by 5pm.

I like my makeup light, bright and natural. Natural to look at, and made with natural ingredients. 

It took me a while to get into natural skincare. I'd dabbled a bit online with some natural lip balms, but the crunch came when I noticed that my eyes (particularly my left eye) stung like mad when I used mascara. There I was, at the theatre, smiling serenely at an orchestra in the semi-lit darkness while my left eye swelled, turned red and trickled tears constantly down my left cheek. Beautiful. A bit creepy, too.

I switched brands, and the same thing happened. It wasn't until I tried some Green People natural mascara that I realised that it had obviously been something in the mascara. Because straight away, it stopped happening. Shop-bought anti-ageing serums would leave me with huge, sore breakouts on my skin that took ages to heal. And lipstick would just make my lips feel dry.  Lip-plumping lipsticks (I wasn't born with an Angelina-style pout) fricking burned so much I had to run to the bathroom and scrub it off with my toothbrush. 

So I started to gradually replace all the High Street cosmetics in my bag with Green People stuff, because I was so in love with the mascara. 

I choose Green People UK because their makeup is natural, organic and vegan. It feels light on my skin, and although it's a little more expensive that the cheap brands I would have bought before, it seems to last longer as I only need a little bit each time. I'm into my forties now, and I need to wear shockingly little makeup. It feels like it moisturises and looks after my skin. For the first time ever, I'm so happy with my skincare and make up. And my gosh, it works, too. 

If you're thinking that natural skin care can never be as good as the high-tech stuff in the chemists and supermarkets then have a look at my makeup routine. I've been doing this for a couple of years. By the way, this post isn't sponsored by Green People - I just flipping well love it, and wanted to tell you all about it. 

1. Facial Oil
First thing in the morning, after a shower or a swipe of miscellar water on a cotton pad, on goes the facial oil. I choose Green People's anti-ageing Age Defy+ Cell Enrich oil, which I've reviewed on the blog before, which contains things like cedarwood, chamomile and lemon. It smells amazing. And a little goes a very long way. I use two pumps for my whole face, and it's patted on gently and just smoothed together. I thought at first I would look oily and greasy afterwards but it sinks right in and I feel kind of glowy and fresh. Some days I apply a bit of Line Eraser on my eye contours too, but not every day. Only if I've had a bit less sleep than I should have, and it really does help to reduce the wrinkly bits around my eyes. 

2. Tinted Moisturiser
Green People's foundation is a tinted moisturiser, and I've bought some too, for my teenage daughter to use. It's very light - you hardly feel it's on - and it smoothes perfectly into my skin tone. There are no streaks and the colour just kind of compliments your own tone, rather than having blotches or making you look washed out. It also seems to provide a lot of moisture during the day. Sometimes I'll put my hand to my face - like when I'm deep in thought or pondering something - and I'll be quite shocked at how smooth my skin feels, I have to have a little moment with it. No shop-bought foundation ever used to make me feel like that, I can tell you. You can get the tinted moisturiser in three different shades, and you can also buy a little tester pack, which is what I bought for my daughter, so we knew which shade suited her best before buying her a full bottle.

3. Blusher
If I was going to avoid harsh chemicals, which had obviously caused the spots and the crying, it didn't make sense for me to use natural oil, foundation and mascara and then rub standard blusher all over my cheeks. So I bought Green People's Mineral Powder Blush in rose, to add to my collection. Again, you only need a small amount. I remember the days of pounding the brush into the block of blusher trying to get it to make a colour, but this one isn't like this at all. It's quite loose too, so the most gentle of swipes with the brush and you're good for both cheeks. I bought it ages ago and there's no sign of me needing another one yet. Natural rosy glows, all round. 

4. Mascara
Black. I might not have countoured a day in my life or perfected the smoky eyeshadow thing, but I am a full-on black mascara kind of girl. Green People do a brown/black mascara too, by the way, if you're more into that. It glides on really beautifully, which I do from roots to the tips of lashes, wiggling the brush to get in between at the roots. I don't ever need a second coat, just one will do. I have found that it's a bit easier to smudge than the old, regular mascara I used to use, and it doesn't fare so well in the rain (take an umbrella out). But considering it doesn't make my eyes water or clump my lashes together like cement, it's all good. It lasts fine, unless I rub my eyes, which you'd try not to do if you were wearing mascara anyway. And now I can go to the theatre without looking like an emotional wreck. My friend actually asked me if I'd had my 'eyelashes done' while I was wearing this (it is volumising mascara after all) which obviously means it's working.

5. Lipstick/Lip balm
Most days I don't wear lipstick, but I did buy their Velvet Matte Lipstick (Damask Rose) lipstick that's supposed to go with all skin types and tones, out of curiosity - and also because there was an offer on at the time (you can quite often get an offer at Green People to save you some money). I've found getting the right lipstick colour a pain - my skin is pale, and my hair dark brown and after some mishaps with post-box red, plums, peaches, browns, nudes and everything in between, I think rosy colours suit me the best. If I feel like it, I'll give my lips a slick of this. If not, and I'm happy with how I look, I'll just rub in some Lip Primer for moisture or a little squeeze of this lip balm. I cringe at how much lipstick I reckon I've accidentally eaten over the years and what was in it. I mean it goes somewhere when you eat, doesn't it? But this one is natural and organic so it's good. And it's kind of firm, and has a matte look. It's not as soft as other lipsticks I've tried before, but it does stay on and last for a good few hours at least, depending on what you're doing. And you can build the colour up with a few more layers if you need, although I don't. This is the first lipstick ever that I've kept in my handbag and that I feel confident putting on. 

So that's it. My natural skincare routine. I don't even bother with eyeshadow, unless it's for a special occasion. And my brows are quite bushy and thick as they are, so they just need taming with a bit of plucking and I'm good. 

Natural makeup, with no tears. 

How about you? Which natural make up brands do you love? I'm always looking for more recommendations, so let me know your faves in the comments below!