Review of FizzUp - Nutrition and Workout App

I try out the FizzUp workout and fitness app, which also acts as a nutritionist, personal trainer and health coach too, apparently. Here's what I thought of it. 

OK, so I'm not massively into exercise. Don't get me wrong, I do exercise lightly, and I go for the odd run with my dog, but I'm not really into hardcore fitness, explained by the podginess of my belly. But I do need to be. After all, eating well isn't the only thing. You can't just eat well and spend the next 30 years sitting at a desk and not moving, because your body's not designed for that. 

So I was asked if I wanted to try this new fitness and workout app, called FizzUp. Cool name, huh? 

You basically download it from the App Store or Google Play, it'll ask you a few questions about your health and where you're at now and then you start. 

I loved that, instead of just getting you into a workout straight away, you're actually assessed, so that you a) get a workout routine tailored to you and your current health situation, and b) you're more likely to stick to it because it's pitched at just the right level for you. The assessment gets you to shadow the model on the screen, doing exercises at the same time and rhythm as they do it, until you're tired and you can't do any more. Good. 

There's also a feeling of community. As you'd expect with an app like this, you can link in with friends who also work out with FizzUp and give each other encouragement. The workouts, based at around 20 minutes three times a week at first, are also quick enough for you not to need to 'book in' time to exercise, which also means you'll probably stick to it. After all, most of us can find 20 minutes in the day to work out. 

Onto the nutrition, then. What sets this app apart from the others I've seen so far is that you can select the types of meals you can eat according to your diet plan, and then FizzUp will sort you out with a meal plan that will help you with your ultimate goal, whether it's toning up your abs or weight loss. The food photos are beautiful, and add to the whole luxury experience of the app. It's not just a workout app, you see, it will tell you what to eat, too. 

As if that wasn't enough - yes I'm glad that FizzUp will tell me how to train and what to eat - but you can also access a number of articles base on health and fitness, for you to read up on the bus home from work or while you're stirring your Tagine-Style Green Beans (one of the recipes on the app). Blog articles include things like Tricks to Help You Defeat The Winter Blues and Foods To Eat After A Workout. Fitness trainer, Nutritionist, Health Coach, Life Coach - seriously, FizzUp, you got my life under control. 

Overall, I found the app easy to use and although I'm only on the first levels, the workouts are fairly straight forward, but don't worry, they do increase in intensity as you progress through the levels. An easy start is what is needed for a beginner, because too much too soon and the app sits there, gathering virtual dust on your home screen. The app is also modern, with beautiful photography throughout it, making you want to come back to find out more. 

The app is free to download, but to access extra services, you need to register for the PRO version, where there's a monthly cost, which is still cheaper than joining a gym and fighting over the balancing balls. 

All good then. It's no surprise that by the time I downloaded mine, over 2 million people were already using FizzUp in France. It's a great app that takes into account the whole umbrella of fitness, food and generally looking after yourself. You can exercise at any time of the day - it's literally like having a personal trainer sitting on your home screen, waiting for you to activate them. Futuristic. And cool. 

So what are the negatives? It's difficult to say, it kind of has it all. I would have liked to have had more reminders (I skipped the exercises for a few nights purely because I forgot about it so it was more difficult to get back into it again) but I bet you can customise that somewhere in the settings. You can access the app on a computer too, for a bigger screen experience, so you're not trying to do sit ups while squinting and twisting your neck at the tiny phone screen. So that's good. 

If you're looking for an app that treats fitness as the whole and inclusive discipline that it is, definitely look into getting FizzUp. It's a really good quality app, that's intuitive to use. 

I'd recommend it. 

Check out FizzUp on the App Store and Google Play

Do you use FizzUp? What about other fitness and health apps? Let me know what you think in the comments below... 


  1. Did you check the last update? It's even better now with a ton of new programs. I used the app since the beginning and it's way more complete now.


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