One Breath Mental Health Photography Project, by Danielle Langham

A look at a new project that aims to portray the emotions of mental health - through photography. 

I've been quite open with you all about how I've experienced general anxiety and depression in the past. I began treatment for PTSD towards the end of last year, which helped me a lot, and vastly reduced my symptoms. 

What I'm trying to say is that I know what it feels like to be stuck in that cycle of overthinking, doubting yourself and feeling generally trapped somewhere you don't want to be. I get it. 

And when I saw the photographs taken by Danielle Langham for her project One Breath, I was blown away. 

Danielle Langham, One Breath Exhibition

Danielle told me: 

"The project 'One Breath'' was created for exhibition as a self portraiture piece based on Mental Health, the works aimed to raise awareness of the subject as well as portraying a more truthful representation of GAD. The idealised (as described in hypnotherapy treatment) versus the reality of how it feels to suffer with mental health."

The photos definitely depict the reality - the feeling of being trapped, almost of suffocation. The doubt and the tension. It's somehow cathartic to see these images, knowing you're not the only one feeling like this. 

Danielle Langham, One Breath Exhibition

Go along and give Danielle your support and see more photos from the One Breath exhibition at her website. Also please also feel free to follow her on social media - on Facebook and Instagram

What do you think about the images? Did you feel the same as I did? Let me know in the comments below...