The Autoimmune Healing Intensive, Mindfulness and Saving Money

A new healing plan went live in the New Year - and it's very different to what you're used to. Read on for all the deets...

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Do you know what was the most fundamental thing that caused me to heal from the psoriasis I'd suffered with for most of my life? It was my willingness to adapt and tweak my healing plan to fit in with me. I took the basic AIP template, but then I needed to experiment. Could I tolerate coffee? Dairy? Nuts? Sometimes I found others could tolerate things that I couldn't, and that I could sprinkle smoked paprika into my chimichurri, whereas others couldn't. We are all different. 

It was this process of changing and tweaking that led me to where I am now: around 95% free from psoriasis. And what left has never come back. Yay! 

And it's this that BioHackU think is so important. The need to find a healing plan that works for you. 

They've come up with something pretty groundbreaking and different to anything I've seen before: The Autoimmune Healing Intensive

Basically, for a one-off cost, you have access to lots of different healing guides in the form of self experimentation run sheets, eBooks, videos and more. These include resources from  over 30 bloggers, medical professionals and experts like Dr Terry Wahls and Dr Sarah Ballantyne. You can pick and choose which ones suit you and which you'd like to take time to work on. You'll also get support from the authors and collaborators in the program, in the dedicated Facebook group, just for members and a free n=1 Workbook Kit, to help you. 

I love this idea - so I've contributed two resources to the program, which I really think will help people - a run sheet on Mindfulness (so important for me!) and an eBook on How To Save Money on AIP. For more details, click here

It's kind of like pulling together your own resources based on what you need. Completely personalised. And having all the authors help you along the way, too, and having your back. A great idea. 

For more information visit The Autoimmune Healing Intensive homepage

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