Adagio Teas: A Review of Adagio's Caffeine Free Tea Blends

I review a selection of caffeine-free teas from Adagio. Herbal and floral flavours, and a cool tea maker, too. 

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So. This week, I've been drinking a lot of tea.

A LOT of tea.

You know I don't do caffeine - it gives me the jitters, somehow I'm sensitive to it. Boo.

But Adagio got in touch and asked if I fancied reviewing some of their caffeine free teas, so everything was good. Hurray! 

A few days later and a box of tea arrived in the post. I was quite surprised at the variety that was there - usually, I find that if you want caffeine-free, you have to settle for something like chamomile, peppermint or turmeric, now that turmeric tea is more of a thing and more readily available. But here, there were blends I was really excited to try. Blends like Lemongrass and Ginger, or Fruit Sangria. Berry Blues and Pina Colada.

And, talking of plain old chamomile, once it was brewed in the nifty IngenuiTEA tea maker, it seemed to have a much more, rounder flavour than my usual chamomile tea bags. We drink a lot of camomile tea, and I really found I was enjoying and savouring every cup rather than knocking them back without really thinking. 

Some of my other favourite blends included Snow White - a fruity, appley and aromatic tea. Rocket Fuel was citrussy, and definitely perked me up on afternoons I was feeling the 2pm slump. One of my absolute favourites was Alice in Wonderland - a sweet, fragrant, rose-scented tea that was really uplifting and soothing at the same time. I love this tea. 

The boxes that these teas come in are fun, and the tea bags themselves are of great quality - silky and firm and they don't disintegrate in your cup, like others I've had do.

For the loose leaf tea, the IngenuiTEA tea maker is a great idea. You just place the tea maker onto a flat surface, add your spoonfuls of tea (the recommended amount and brewing time is stated on the packaging), pour in your hot water and then leave to brew. When you're ready to drink, you just carefully place the jug on top of your cup or mug and the bottom will open out and your tea will be released, minus all the tea leaves or fruits, out into your cup. I just let it cool, empty the bits into the compost bag, give it a rinse under the tap and leave to dry. It's BPA free and fits all cups up to 9.5cm diameter, and that was most of the cups and mugs in my cupboards. 

They sent me some of their white and green tea, too, which contained caffeine but was worth a try. The white tea was fine, but I found the Jasmine Phoenix Pearls tea set off a slight dose of the jitters a couple of hours after drinking - but then, I did brew it quite strongly. It had a beautiful, sweet flavour and it was lovely to see the rolled leaves unfurl in the hot water, but if I was to try that again I'd probably brew it much less strong. Lesson learned. Although it had a beautiful flavour. 

Overall, a really beautiful collection of teas. So much variety for us caffeine-sensitive peeps, and flavours you can look forward to trying. The IngenuiTEA is a great bit of kit - you first of all think you'll never use it, but ours comes out at least a few times every day. And I totally recommend you try out the Story Time blends - the Alice in Wonderland in particular. I'm off to have a cup of that one now. 

What's your favourite caffeine-free tea? Have you tried any of Adagio's tea blends? Have a look at the website to find out more.