I Love My Wok Book Review

Just to let you know: I've reintroduced some grains, which aren't strictly paleo. This recipe includes grains. Feel free to remove them and substitute for more chopped veg to make this paleo. Thanks! 

I cook from the book I Love My Wok, the latest in the 'I Love' series of cookery books, and tell you what I think. 100 mostly Asian-inspired recipes from Indonesia, China, Malaysia, India and so many more. And all of them you can cook in a wok. Brilliant. 

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I Love My Wok is the latest in the line of 'I Love...' cook books, with other books including 'I Love My BBQ' and 'I Love My Slow Cooker.' This one, which came out in August, is written by Nicola Graimes and includes over 100 Wok-friendly recipes. 

Now. I have this rule that I always cook from a cookbook if I'm going to review it. I think it's important to get to grips with the recipes, to see if they're simple to follow and easy to make. You can't always tell that from just reading a cook book, so I needed to get into the kitchen. Unfortunately though, I've been without a fully functioning kitchen since July, which is why I'm so late getting this up to review (although I did a fair bit of flicking through the pages while the fitters were here, it's true). 

Feeling inspired, freshly back from the supermarket and now with a working hob, I set to work cooking from the book. 

I love coriander (cilantro to my US friends) and so the Noodles with Coriander Pesto was high on my list. It's a vegetable dish, so I decided to serve it up alongside a bowl of Ginger-Glazed Shallots and some grilled chicken on the side. I used buckwheat gluten free noodles for the first dish, and, tossed into the pesto, it was fragrant, zesty and a brilliant shade of bright green, which I especially loved. The kids ate a good spoonful or two of the shallots, which was a surprise to me because they say they don't like onions or ginger. They were stickily sweet and because the onions are quickly blanched in boiling water first, they were also beautifully soft and tender. 

As with the other 'I Love' books I've reviewed, not every recipe is photographed, but the ones that are are photographed with clear, colourful images. A good cook book makes you flick through and want to cook from it, and this was true for me. 

Most of the recipes in I Love My Wok are Asian-inspired - although the variety is wide - there are flavours from Singapore, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and China, as well as others. Because of this, the dishes heavily feature soy sauce, which isn't paleo but could be easily adapted with coconut aminos, if you wanted to. And I think it would be worth it. This is the kind of book that takes something you already do to a whole new level. 

You know how obsessed I am about Asian food - and this has inspired me to look at cooking up different meals for my family. I don't think we've ever tried Goan Style Coconut Mussels, or an Oriental Style Paella. Stay tuned on Instagram, because I reckon I'll be cooking up much more from this book in the next few weeks. 

I Love My Wok is published by Nourish - and I received a copy of the book for review. 

Do you have this book? What are your favourite recipes in it? Tell me about them in the comments below.