Adam's Organic Cold Pressed Chocolate - Review

A look at the newly relaunched Adam's Organic Cold Pressed Chocolates - a collection of raw chocolates made with ingredients like lucuma, maca and yacon and then combined with some beautiful flavour combinations. 

We all know about chocolate being responsible for that euphoric rush of endorphins when we eat it. But did you know it could do a whole lot more? 

Following a back injury 10 years ago, Bristol-based chef Adam Farag realised that the micronutrients in raw plant foods could be beneficial to health and, with the help of his friend Mark Claydon, they created a range of raw, cold-pressed chocolates with superfoods hidden inside them. 

How good is that? 

Adams Organic Raw Chocolates Raw Cacao Paleo Vegan

In these chocolates, they've harnessed the 'Lost Crops of the Incas' - ingredients like yacon, maca, and lucuma which are all grown at the foot of the Andes and thought to have health-boosting properties. And with flavour combinations like Hazelnut and Blackcurrant and Goji Berry and Pistachio, I couldn't wait to try them out. 

You know, for you guys. See how much I love you? 

Adams Organic Raw Chocolates Raw Cacao Paleo Vegan

The chocolates are packed in a resealable plastic container, which helps keep them fresh. As well as the blackcurrant and the pistachio flavours I've mentioned, I was also sent some Mint flavoured chocolates and Coconut and Banana. The Mint one has received it's own Great Taste Award and they're all certified by the Soil Association and the Vegan Society.

Raw cacao. Superfoods. Tasty stuff inside. 

Couldn't resist. 

Adams Organic Raw Chocolates Raw Cacao Paleo Vegan

The chocolates are rich and dense, as you'd expect, without being sickly. They're actually sweeter in flavour than I was expecting, too. And they're cut into fudgy, soft cubes that are just the perfect size. You couldn't sit and wolf down the entire pack, because unlike a packet of Maltesers, you really do feel as if you're eating food rather than pure sugar, and you do feel more full. One cube after dinner, or alongside a cup of tea in front of Doctor Foster in the evening is just right. 

The Hazelnut and Blackcurrant flavour was my stand-out favourite (check out those pretty rose petals), and the Mint was refreshing without being too strong. All of the flavours actually blended so well together, without dominating over the chocolate. The cacao is what you've come for here, and that's what you get. The Goji Berry and Pistachio was my second favourite, I love the combination of the crunchy nuts and sweet-sour berries against the cacao. 

Adams Organic Raw Chocolates Raw Cacao Paleo Vegan

An 82g pack retails at around £5.75, which you'd initially think was a bit on the pricey side, but then these chocolates will last you a good while, so it bumps up the value for money. Plus, don't forget you're getting raw cacao, so it's not heated to more than 42 degrees C, keeping in all that goodness. 


Go get some. 

For more information about Adam's Organic Cold Pressed Chocolates, visit the website

Tried these choccies? Let me know what you thought of them here, in the comments below. 


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