Biohacking - An Individual Approach To Health and Healing Autoimmune Disease

A look at a new program launched at the weekend, The Healing Autoimmune n=1 Workbook Kit, which takes an individual approach to our wellbeing and recognises that we're all different. Heard of n=1? Read on to find out more. 

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Please note: the Workbook is now no longer available on its own, but it now part of a wider program called The Autoimmune Healing Intensive - click to find out more

Petra has been a blogging friend of mine for a number of years. I've always felt inspired by her approach that everyone has their own path to healing, and certainly what works for one person might not work for another. That's definitely what I've found, too. We'll all different. Quite often, when other things aren't working, we need a body 'hack' - a way to figure out what's happening with our own biology and how we personally react to treatments and circumstances. I've always felt particularly inspired by her, because her husband Matthew has managed to use these techniques to heal severe psoriasis - something I've suffered from, too. 

I'm posting today to let you know about a new program Petra and her husband have developed to help heal autoimmune disease, in case it's useful for you. It definitely makes for really interesting reading. 

But what's bio hacking? What's the point? And how the heck do we find out how to do it? 

Read on to find out more. 

So, what's n=1, anyway? 
‘N=1’ refers to an experiment with one participant.

Matthew was 40 and was disabled by autoimmune arthritis, suffered with severe psoriasis and was taking 6-8 hydromorphone painkillers a day. Using the techniques developed by him and his wife, Petra, he now manages his illness using a protocol that is totally individual to him, and is something they developed together. He's now back at work and off medication. This happened after a process of systematic self-experimentation. 

BioHackU - Autoimmune Healing n=1 Workbook

The n=1 Method
The n=1 approach is based on bioindividuality. We're all different.

We each have one-of-a-kind status related to our genetic expression and other features of our biology, like our gut microbiome. Additionally, we all have distinct histories, health goals and environments. N=1 experimentation taps into this uniqueness for healing. 

There are six steps in the process (plus a seventh step for troubleshooting):

Challenge: What is my health goal?
Inquire: What has (and hasn’t) worked in the past?
Idea: By doing [x] I hope to achieve [this result].
Investigate: I test my idea. In my real life.
Consider: Did that work out the way I expected it to? What did I learn?
Communicate: I can share my results. Or not.
Change: I adapt based on new information.

Healing with the n=1 Workbook Kit
The ‘Healing Autoimmune n=1 workbook kit’ is a step-by-step program that enables individuals with autoimmune disease and other chronic health conditions to find their own best strategies for healing through safe self-experimentation.

The kit includes four modules, ten sample n=1 experiments and worksheets that can be used digitally or printed and completed by hand. A compilation of 40 carefully designed e-resources, this is a self-paced program that is simple enough for sick people, yet capable of handling the complexity of chronic illness. 

As they were working on these methods, they found that some things they tried didn't work. Some things made Matthew worse. But some experiments did work, and through systematically applying the n=1 approach, Matthew's health did eventually start to improve. Petras health also improved. N=1 experimentation also helped Petra deal with her decades-long struggle with with anxiety, depression and weight issues. 

Is it Safe?
Some of the n=1 experiments Matthew tried in the early years caused some pretty bad reactions. That’s when he got serious about risk assessment as part of the planning process for every experiment.

Unexpectedly, Matthew’s health improved most through some of the lowest-risk treatments he tried, including nutritional and lifestyle therapies, and these approaches are advocated in all the information Petra and Matthew now share.

A risk assessment is a core element of the ‘Healing Autoimmune n=1 workbook kit’.

Matthew and Petra of BioHackU - Launching the n=1 Workbook for Autoimmune Disease
Matthew and Petra

Is it overwhelming?
This system is designed for people who are living with complex chronic health issues. People are encouraged to start where they are and take whatever steps feel manageable. 
That’s what’s different about this approach: it puts individuals in charge of their own healing. They decide what to start with and what to do next.

Is it mainstream or alternative?
This kit is fully compatible with mainstream medicine and alternative approaches. It encourages the use of any strategy that is safe and that works. 
People are encouraged to use it while working with their trusted health care team.

More Information
Find Matthew and Petra online at their website Biohack U.

Complete the comprehensive, confidential health assessment they have designed.

Sign up for their newsletters for more information on n=1 experimentation for healing.

Learn more about the Autoimmune Healing n=1 Workbook Kit here.

Please note: the Workbook is now no longer available on its own, but it now part of a wider program called The Autoimmune Healing Intensive - click to find out more

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