A Look at Pukka Teas Health and Wellbeing Blends

A look at Pukka teas blends to help promote health and wellbeing - Supreme Matcha, Turmeric Gold, Three Tulsi and Ginseng Matcha Green. 

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I'm a big fan of Pukka teas. I love their blends, which often have something really out of the ordinary to offer, with flavours and spices like licorice, fennel, lavender, cardamom, raspberry and all sorts. Some people grab a chocolate bar as a treat at the shops - I grab a box of Pukka, especially since I gave up caffeine - and they have quite a few caffeine free herbal blends to choose from. 

So they emailed me, reminding me that it's Men's Health Awareness Week this week (12-18 June 2017), and would I like to try some of their teas they suggest for general, everyday health and wellbeing. 

Well, obviously I said yes. 

Pukka have a huge range of teas, but they sent me a few that they say help to boost energy, reduce stress and generally help to keep you in tip top condition. 

The Supreme Matcha tea was incredible. It contains three varieties of green tea, along with a dose of matcha powder, which they say gives you an antioxidant boost. Yes, I broke my caffeine rule for this. It was gorgeous - full flavoured, but without the bitterness you often get with matcha powders or strong green tea. 

The Turmeric Gold tea came with a surprise of cardamom pod and lemon - it does also contain Pin Ho Wild Jade green tea and licorice root. You get a rich cup of turmeric tea, and the cardamom and lemon really freshen up the flavours. There's a lot in the news about turmeric and its potential as an anti-inflammatory, and this is definitely a perfect way to drink it. 

With the Ginseng Matcha tea I got a spicy, gingery flavour. There's red ginseng, matcha powder and Sencha green tea. Pukka suggest this blend as being of benefit to stress, as ginseng is thought to nourish the adrenal glands, while matcha uplifts and give you a boost of energy. 

But my overall favourite was the Three Tulsi tea. I love the spiciness of the leaves, and the dark brown-green colour which looks a bit like nettle tea when brewed. It's definitely refreshing, and it's said that tulsi (Holy Basil) helps to focus the mind as well as provide antioxidants. I love this tea, with three different varieties of tulsi leaves in it. This one is the only one I was sent that is actually caffeine free. I'm definitely going to keep buying it.

There's some cynicism that teas like these can be actively good for your health, but what can't be argued with is that they've been used for thousands of years, in infusions of all different kinds and mixed with various herbs and spices to make people feel soothed, help with physical complaints and re-energise. I know I feel better and more uplifted after a warm, aromatic tea and I can't think of any way to fault these teas. They're even packaged in little paper envelopes to keep them fresh and so you can take a few with you to work for your tea break. 

Yes, they're a little more expensive than perhaps supermarket label herbal teas, but you really do get what you pay for. I love the quality of the ingredients - they're organic - and they use higher grade teas, Sencha or Pin Ho Wild Jade green tea, for example. The blends are so well thought out and work beautifully together. 

If you're into herbal teas, interesting flavour combinations and a cup of something warm and snuggly after a long day running around (and who isn't), then I can totally recommend these. 

Check out the Pukka website for more details. They do supplements, too. 

Note: For readers who are on the autoimmune protocol, or have an autoimmune condition, I've found that drinking lots of licorice or echinacea teas can make my symptoms worse. It's thought they boost the immune system and for those of us whose immune systems are boosted anyway by default, that might not work out brilliantly for us. We're all different though, so if you do try teas with immune boosting ingredients in, go slowly and see how it works for you. 

Tried these teas? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments below. Also do come talk to me on InstagramFacebook or Twitter :) 

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