I'm Entering the Paleo Awards!

Hey everyone! 

I have on my excited face today because...

I have entered the UK Paleo Awards. 

*cue wild applause and cheering*

The awards were set up very recently by Jan Minihane from the health directory A Healthy Perspective to highlight the achievements and hard work of the paleo community here in the UK. 

There are 20 different categories, so if you're a blogger or if you have a product that fits within the paleo framework then do consider entering - I'm pretty sure there will be a category that your service or product will fit in. 

I've entered my ebook SPICE into the books and ebooks category. The ebook has over 90 recipes that fit with the autoimmune protocol and paleo diets. It was a challenge to come up with different spice blends without nuts, nightshades or seeds and their respective spices, and it did take me 18 months to get it right, but I did it - and I know from emails and what you all say on social media that it's transformed your Friday nights! You can now enjoy Thai, Indian and Chinese flavours - heck, there are even Egyptian flavours in there too - without swaying from your healing diet. This makes me so happy. Seriously happy, because it's the reason I wrote the book in the first place. 

Thank you everyone who has enjoyed it. 😊 💗

I think it's wonderful that these awards will highlight bloggers, foodies, producers, restaurants and others who have contributed to the paleo community. I'm literally so excited to see what's been shortlisted and, eventually, the winners. Also, I'm keen to find out about new products and services I maybe haven't heard of. So excited. Can you tell? 

So what are these awards all about? 

Jan says: 

"A paleo diet cuts out processed and artificial food by solely using food which can be hunted or gathered, harking back to our paleolithic ancestors, hence the name. 

When I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle five years ago, I really wanted to arrange a UK Paleo Awards right there and then, but at the time there were not enough UK-based Paleo bloggers and Paleo food and drink businesses. Now there are hundreds and hundreds of businesses out there that truly deserve to be recognised for their efforts in raising the health benefits of following a Paleo lifestyle. 

I want to celebrate the very best in the UK Paleo World but also use the awards to spread the word about a Paleo lifestyle and its numerous, research-backed health benefits." 

Jan Minihane, founder of The UK Paleo Awards

Great stuff! 

Also, you will be able to nominate someone you feel has provided an Outstanding Contribution to the Paleo Community - this is a nominated award only, and people can't put themselves forward for it. Go for it and nominate someone you think deserves it! 

Are you a blogger, food producer or provider that has a product to service that fits in to the paleo way of life? Enter here - by doing that you'll support the awards and the paleo community and also potentially raise the profile of your product or service at the same time! Votes close on 31st May so get your entries in now!