A Look at The AIP Italian Cookbook

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So, AIPers, there's a new cookbook out for you. Have you seen it? 

It's called The AIP Italian Cookbook, by Ambra Torelli. 

I've felt for a while that there was a gap in the AIP books for a collection of Italian recipes. It's the comfort food I grew up eating, and pretty much exclusively ate in my early 20s when I was at university: lasagne, cannoli, bolognese... so good for my tastebuds, but wasn't always good for my body.

And when we're eating strict AIP and craving comfort foods like these, where do we turn? 

We turn to this book. 

The AIP Italian Cookbook paleo autoimmune protocol

Ambra is the blogger over at the blog Little Bites of Beauty, and she's originally from Cremona in Italy. Which means, in the AIP Italian Cookbook, you're getting AIP versions of real Italian dishes. 

And she doesn't hold back. 

There's Vanilla Rice Pudding (I know, seriously?) and Stuffed Baked Apples. She shows us how to make AIP Parmesan Cheese, people. 


AIP Cannoli from The AIP Italian Cookbook paleo autoimmune protocol
The AIP Cannoli from The AIP Italian Cookbook

And then there are main dishes like gnocchi, spaghetti carbonara, bolognese and lasagne. They're all here, and they're all AIP compliant. There's a pizza recipe that, when you look at it, it's hard not to believe that it isn't a regular pizza. Except it's good for you. It looks incredible and I just drooled a little bit, thinking about it.

Baked Peaches from The AIP Italian Cookbook
I made the Baked Peaches from the book - lovely! 

One of the first recipes I tried was the Baked Peaches from the book. They were really good - just finished with a pinch of carob and some spices - the peach turning even sweeter in the oven. The kids loved it, too. The Butter Cookies are also a favourite in our house - they actually taste like old-fashioned, home-made shortbread, but don't contain any butter. I love them. I'll often make a batch and keep them on the worktop to have with a cup of tea whenever I need a sweet snack.

AIP Tiramisu from The AIP Italian Cookbook
AIP Tiramisu from The AIP Italian Cookbook - yes! Tiramisu! 💗

You can get Ambra's The AIP Italian Cookbook here - do go have a look - there are over 50 AIP compliant recipes in there, and if you're ever looking for some totally AIP compliant Italian comfort food (aren't we all?) you honestly won't be disappointed. 

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Have you cooked from the book? What are your favourites from it?