Fab New 2017 Keto Bundle Out Now

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You know I've researched and looked into lots of different diets. I've been AIP, paleo and primal for a while now, and it's done huge things for my health, as you know. 

But have you heard of the Ketogenic diet? 

It's a low carb, high fat diet that has been used to reduce the number of epileptic seizures in children*, although now it's also been associated with a number of other benefits, including weight loss, boosting energy, improving mood, optimizing brain function, and more.
Some people say it helps their skin, others that it helps IBS and heartburn. Researchers are currently looking into its effects on cancer and also neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
If you’re thinking about trying a Ketogenic diet (or if you already are doing it), then do check out the 2017 Keto Diet Bundle event that started today.
It lasts for only 5 days, but if you're thinking of finding out more about the diet, here's your chance. You'll get loads of keto cookbooks, meal plans, books about weight loss, e-courses and lots more. 
And because you get everything bundled up together, you get it at a really competitive price, too. 

Plus, I'm really proud to have been included in one of the ebooks in the bundle! It's a community cookbook, packed with keto recipes to help give you inspiration for your mealtimes, and one of my recipes has been included. 

Go check it out here.
Have you tried a keto diet? Did you have any success with your health? I'm thinking of giving it a go, to see if it helps that last remaining patch of psoriasis I have on my scalp. I'll be cooking from the community cookbook over the next few weeks, too. Come and keep in touch and see what I'm making over on Instagram or Facebook

*Source: Epilepsy Society, UK