Review of Nim's Fruit and Vegetable Crisps

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Crisps, chips, whatever. Sometimes I just crave something crunchy. Doesn't really matter what it is - I've schnaffled down beetroot, sweet potato and parsnip crisps. Lovely. And plantain chips are a regular thing in Comfort Bites HQ. The only thing that makes me pause is either some slightly dubious flavourings that are sprinkled on them or the oils they're cooked in. Sometimes you don't want something greasy or fried in oil that doesn't do well when it's really heated up. 

nims fruit crisps review

Enter Nim's. They've developed these fruit and vegetable crisps. Yes, I know it sounds weird. But have a look at this.

They're gluten, dairy and fat free. They're not cooked in any fat or oil - in fact they're air-dried. There are no flavourings - they're just air dried slices of fruit and veg. So this means that whatever diet you're following - AIP, vegan, paleo - they will fit right into your day. The crisps are also a source of vitamin C and fibre - so they're a good alternative to regular potato crisps.

nims fruit crisps review

I was sent some packets to try. Our favourites were the pear crisps (utterly gorgeous) and the apple crisps. The beetroot and parsnip crisps went down a storm too. My husband gobbled up the cucumber and tomato crisps, and we fought over the pepper and courgette crisps. It happens.

The pack sizes are fairly small - but when you think about it, you don't want to eat 1kg of dried apple in one go, anyway. And I think you'd end up stashing away a packet in your bag so you could snack on them if you got peckish, so that's handy.

nims fruit crisps review

At first taste, I kind of missed the oiliness that comes with a beetroot or parsnip crisp I've had in the past. But by the second one, you realise how clean it all tastes - and there's obviously no bitter aftertaste from where the oil's been heated. Just pure flavour. The beetroot crisps taste like beetroot. The pineapple crisps taste like pineapple.

nims fruit crisps review
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Considering then, that Nim's have come up with a perfect little guilt-free snack to pack in your bag, it's not a surprise that they've set up a Tesco BackIt campaign to get kids to snack healthier, too. They want to set up a Nim's Kids range, but they need our help. Imagine our kids having a snack that's free of salt, preservatives and is dairy and gluten free. With some added fibre and vitamin C to boot. Wouldn't that be great?

nims fruit crisps review

Have a look at the campaign, and help if you can, here. There are rewards for helping out, so they give back a bit to say thank you for your help.

Want to find out more about Nim's? Check out the Nim's Fruit Crisps website - you can also buy them on Amazon here.