34 Recipes to Warm You Up on Bonfire Night

Just to let you know: I've reintroduced some grains, which aren't strictly paleo. This recipe includes grains. Feel free to remove them and substitute for more chopped veg to make this paleo. Thanks! 

So it's bonfire night in a few days. 

Image: from unsplash.com, photographer: Morgan Sessions

And if you're going to be out in your coats and scarves staring at the sky on the 5th, then you'll need something comforting and cosy to warm you up. And I've gathered together some favourite recipes from the blog so that you can do that.

Warming stews, fragrant soups, roasts and party style nibbles... they're all here. Click on the photo caption to get to the recipe. 


Steak Loaded Sweet Potatoes (AIP, paleo, gluten free)

Pork, Sweet Potato and Red Onion Hash (AIP, paleo, gluten free)

Easy Paleo Chinese Roasted Duck (paleo, gluten free)
AIP Indian Spiced Roasted Chicken (AIP, paleo, gluten free)

Child Friendly (not spicy) Chicken Curry (paleo, gluten free)
AIP Nightshade-free Chicken Cacciatore (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Thai Inspired Turkey Meatball Curry (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Pumpkin Stuffed with Balsamic Beef (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Slow Cooked Marinated Beef Riblets (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Argentine Arrollado de Carne (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Pan Fried Veal Steaks with Mushrooms and Bacon (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Meattzza con Palmitos (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
AIP Mutton and Spinach Curry (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Slow Roasted Wild Boar Joint with Apples and Roasted Vegetables (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Orange and Honey Pulled Gammon (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Thyme and Sea Salt Pulled Pork Shoulder (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Pulled Pork and Zoodles (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Gluten Free Meatballs (paleo, gluten free)
Roasted Prawns with Smoked Garlic and Herbs (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Venison and Carrot Stew with Red Wine (paleo, gluten free)
Pea, Ginger and Bacon Soup (paleo, gluten free)
Pork Liver, Cider and Apricot Pâté (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Chinese Five Spiced Sweet Potato Fries (paleo, gluten free)
Mushroom and Fennel Soup (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Fragrant Herb and Coconut Chicken Soup (AIP, paleo, gluten free)

Raspberry and Vanilla Squares (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
Figgy Pudding, from the ebook Nourishing Holiday by Jaclyn Harwell (primal, gluten free)
Coconut and Berry Cream Pies (AIP, paleo, gluten free)
AIP Raw Tea Cake with Salted Chai Frosting (AIP, paleo, gluten free, vegan)
Cinnamon Dusted Fried Plantains (AIP, paleo, gluten free, vegan)
Caramelised Fried Bananas with Paleo Chocolate Sauce (paleo, gluten free, vegan)

Blueberry Topped Baked Sweet Potatoes (AIP, paleo, gluten free, vegan)
Baked Sweet Potatoes with Caramelised Apples and Honey (AIP, paleo, gluten free, vegan)
Boozy Amaretto Roasted Plums (vegan)

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