Review of Edge of Belgravia Precision Chef Knives

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So, as you might have seen on Instagram and Facebook, I got a new set of swanky knives. 

Look at them. Aren't they gorgeous? 

Edge of Belgravia Chef Knives - Review

They're part of the Edge of Belgravia range, created by London designer Christian Bird. The Precision chef knives are, the writing on the box says, designed with art in mind. And they're not joking.

The handles have a faceted handle, which gives the knives a design edge against the regular brands. The sleek, matt handle blends with the dark blade itself, resulting in a set of kitchen knives that you really don't want to hide away in your drawer. 

But it's not just the look of these knives that counts. 

The handle is coated in rubber, providing a good grip which is important when you're chopping or filleting slippery foods like seafood or chicken. The blades on all these knives are incredibly sharp - so a good grip is important. 

And it gets better when you look at the knives individually. The chef's knife is larger than a standard one and it sits lightly and comfortably in the hand as you chop. The bread knife glides through cake and loaves very easily, resulting in beautiful, uniformed slices. I made a coconut flour blueberry loaf cake in the week which was actually very moist and crumbly but the bread knife easily cut it into perfect slices. And the filleting knife is slightly flexible, so you can get it around bones and tendons as you cut. All good. 

But there's another knife here in the pack. A slicing knife. This one has scallop-shapes cut into the side of the blade, which provide air pockets that reduces the drag on the knife and means you can cut food into paper thin slices that don't stick to the blade. 

The bad bits? I really enjoyed trying out these knives and I can tell you that there aren't many negatives. One, I suppose, is that you'll need a knife block to store these knives in and the one that's recommended is a tad spendy at around £79. But crikey, it does look good, as the multi-faceted, diamond design reflects the design of the knives themselves. The knives are made from stainless steel and you can't wash them in the dishwasher, but I've found it no trouble to just give them a wash under the hot tap straight after using them. 

So. my verdict?

It's not just the sleek, elegant design that's attractive about the Edge of Belgravia Precision knives. Yes, in their block, they look good on your kitchen worktop and you won't want to hide them in the clatter of the kitchen drawer. But they've also nailed the functional aspects of the knives too. A sharp, stainless steel blade with rubber coated grippy handles and a faceted design that feels comfortable and natural in the hand. Buy the knife block to go with the set and it'll set you back a few extra quid. But for an edgy, contemporary design, you might think that's worth it. And you know what? They just won't look the same in a £4.99 wooden knife block from the supermarket. 

Disclosure: I received this set of knives to try for the purposes of this review. However, all opinions are honest and my own. 

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