My New Anxiety Ebook Here - In The Paleo Evolve Your Life Bundle - On Sale Now

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I've got some superb news for you - a new 50-book (seriously - that's a lot, isn't it?) - paleo bundle is now on sale. It's called the Evolve Your Life Kit. 

Exciting stuff!

The bundle, which has been put together by, contains over $1,000 worth of paleo and primal resources - and ebooks from authors including Mark Sisson, Jennifer Robins, Russ Crandall, Anne Angelone - and me! 

Yep, I wrote an ebook specially for this bundle, Simple Tips To Help Ease Anxiety, which is a fun, lighthearted look at some of the ways we can help ease our everyday anxious thoughts. It also looks at some of the science behind the techniques. Reducing stress and anxiety is thought to be key to managing a primal or ancestral health programme. After all, our Paleolithic ancestors never had to sit in traffic jams or worry about the electricity bill, did they? 

Head on over to The Paleo Evolve Your Life Bundle to check out this and all the other resources in the pack!

As well as this, there are wellness ebooks, recipe ebooks, others about dental health. There are ebooks about how to grow your own veggies and advice on fasting and keto diets. There are a lot of resources about all the different aspects of a primal lifestyle. There are also workshops, programmes and videos included, too. 

In addition to the 50 ebooks in this bundle, there are also 50 discount vouchers to save you money on your primal and paleo essentials. From places like Kombucha Camp, Wild Foods Co and Otto's Naturals. But don't take my word for it - check them all out here

And EVEN BETTER news. The Paleo Evolve Your Life Bundle is being sold at a massive discount. The bundle has resources worth over $1,000 - but you can pick them all up for this week only for just $29. (That's just over £22 for you UK readers.)

Seriously? $29! 

But it's just available for one week - hurry and go check it out before it's gone.

Find more details over at the Paleo Evolve Your Life Bundle page now!