Paleo Family Toolkit Available to Download Now, Plus Extra Free Gift for Comfort Bites Readers

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Transitioning to a paleo diet and lifestyle isn't easy. Unlike our hunter gatherer ancestors we have temptations like sweets, cookies, doughnuts and fast food to tempt us off track. Lifestyle-wise, we work long hours, spend a lot of time indoors and get stressed. Trying to live a paleo based family life in a modern world isn't easy. 

But Sarah Ballantyne (The Paleo Mom) has put together some fantastic resources to help you and your family switch to a paleo diet and lifestyle. It's called The Paleo Family Toolkit. 

What do you get? 
OK. Here's what's included in the Paleo Family Toolkit:
  • 42 ebooks (including 18 brand new ebooks) and programs
  • 55 discount coupons
  • 12 video interviews with family-centered experts in the paleo community (including Mark Sisson, Danielle Walker and Rob Wolf)
  • 5 bonus items
  • a USB flash drive preloaded with the instant download and mailed to your door
But if you want one, you'll have to be quick as it's only on sale until May 9th

***The Sale has been extended by one day! It will now end on May 10th!!***

Introducing... Curry Night (by me!)
I have a new ebook in the toolkit, called Curry Night, which is a collection of family friendly paleo recipes - some from the blog but some are brand new, like my AIP Indian Shepherd's Pie (one of our faves, check out the pic below). 

Indian Inspired AIP Shepherd's Pie - in Curry Night, part of the Paleo Family Toolkit

Nice, eh? 

But it's not just all about food. The toolkit includes resources on lifestyle factors like stress management and movement, making it a great all-round resource. 

And now for some exciting news... 

I wanted to add a little something to this toolkit, especially for Comfort Bites readers. I'm offering two EXTRA CURRY RECIPES in addition to the resources in the toolkit, both completely AIP-compliant. There's a gorgeous Chicken Tikka Masala, complete with a rich, delicately spiced sauce. This recipe isn't available anywhere else and is exclusive to Comfort Bites readers as part of this extra gift. My kids love this curry.

The other recipe is my AIP-compliant Red Thai Curry - one of the recipes in my new ebook Spice. No nightshades, no seeds, no dairy... just full-on flavour.

All you have to do to qualify for this special offer is buy the toolkit through this link to The Paleo Family ToolkitThis link is then tracked and then I will receive your email address after the sale is over so I can send you the extra recipes, which will be in pdf format for you to save to your smartphone, device or print out, if you like. 

Brilliant, right? 

The Paleo Family Toolkit is available to download now - no waiting for deliveries - once you download the toolkit using this link you get instant access to all these great resources and you qualify for the extra recipes that will be emailed to you after the sale is finished. You also get the resources in the toolkit backed up on a USB memory stick that's posted out to you, meaning you have control over how you access all this info, and it doesn't need to take up all your disc space. (The extra two recipes above aren't on the memory stick, they're an added extra only available through clicking here and will be emailed to you once the sale is finished). 

Want to know more about what you get in the toolkit? Head on over to check out The Paleo Family Toolkit now. And remember, it's only available until the **10th May**. That's not long! 

Grab yours today.